Two more North Korean missiles launched, bringing 2022 total to six

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      by Christopher Hutton, Breaking News Reporter | January 25, 2022 09:57 AM

      North Korea fired two cruise missiles into the sea on Tuesday, according to South Korean military officials.

      These two missiles will be the fifth and sixth tests North Korea has conducted this year, as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has vowed to bolster the nation’s military technology while its relations with the United States and South Korea flounder.

      South Korean and U.S. intelligence officials are analyzing the launches, one official told the Associated Press. Another claimed the missile tests were conducted from an inland area but did not say where.


      North Korea’s missile tests have continued to grow in recent months. North Korea fired missile tests on Jan. 5, Jan. 11, and two on Jan. 14, each one demonstrating more advanced technology than the last.

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      Two reasons, there is no UN sanctions penalty for shorter ranged ballistic missiles, at present, it’s only for ICBMs. Russia and China have a veto on the UNSC. The South Koreans have been allowed by the US to remove limitations on ballistic missile range and payload. The South Koreans also recently launched a sub launched ballistic missile. Japan has also indicated that it is interested in new cruise missiles for its military. Only an ICBM launch or nuclear test could change the status quo. I suppose some other sensational provocation could result in a UN sanctions resolution for shorter ranged ballistic missile testing by North Korea, but it would have to fall outside the current parameters to which they appear to have consistently been limited. Some sort of disaster or military provocation or accident resulting in casualties or a territorial violation could change the prospects. Periodic visits of US strategic bombers to the region as well don’t help much. The presence of two US carriers in the South China Sea isn’t likely to win Chinese cooperation either. Calling for UN sanctions is just bully pulpit stuff. If there is an escalation by North Korea later on beyond what they’ve been doing currently, the US and other members of the SC can say, see we told you so.

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