Two Problems – Youtube Videos And WordPress Spam Blacklist

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    I have noticed two recent problems with Jackpine Radicals.

    1) Youtube Videos
    When I post a youtube video link the video frame and image no longer appear for me, only the URL. Previously, I could see the video frame and static image and that frame and static image were clickable as a URL web link to watch the video within Jackpine Radicals. Note, I can still watch youtube videos posted by others within Jackpine Radicals. The observed behavior appears to be related to my account and my posts.

    2) WordPress Spam Blacklist
    When surfing to Jackpine Radicals through the tor onion network, I arrive at a web page stating that my URL is on a spam blacklist. When I surf to Jackpine Radicals without tor no such warning occurs. It appears that the WordPress platform is filtering all web page requests originating through the tor onion network. This is problematic because it reduces my ability to surf Jackpine Radicals anonymously. For comparison, I can still surf to Site Voldemort through the tor onion network.

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    Two way street
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    Perhaps that is why requesting even a topic is taking a long time as the wheel is turning triple now.  I thought that you tube was mad because the HR passed legislation to restore net neutrality the same day all this started.

    Thanks for your question.

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    I got the Spam blacklist thing for a while this morning. I was afraid I would have to go cold turkey off JPR. Scary.

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    I got that blacklist message earlier today too.

    Do we have a work-around for it?

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    Joe Shlabotnik
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    I’m having both of those problems as well. The IP blacklist is a new one today that I got using my regular browser on my phone, (although I successfully logged in using its ‘private browser’ function just now). Haven’t tried my desktop yet, but that’s where I encountered the same YouTube problem.

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    Cold Mountain Trail
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    I also got the notification that my IP address sends spam, all day today.

    I couldn’t figure out why I’d get it.  This is the only place on the net I post anything, I do the 4-para rule & rarely post videos.  Where’s the spam??

    And I couldn’t figure out a way around but to reregister under another name.  But I tried that once before & it wouldn’t take cause you already had my email under this name.

    What to do if we’re locked out?  In the election season!!!!

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