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    U.K. Increases Use of Stripping Citizenship as Anti-Terrorism Policy

    Helena Wray and Caterina Aiena say the U.K. is showing a willingness to deprive people of their human rights and place them into a zone of lawlessness and statelessness 


    KIM BROWN: Welcome to The Real News Network in Baltimore. I’m Kim Brown.


    The United Kingdom acted lawfully when it stripped a suspected terrorism individual of his citizenship. That was a decision of the European Court of Human Rights last week when it dismissed a claim by a Sudanese-born U.K. dual national. The Human Rights Court in the case of K2 versus the United Kingdom declared … the appeal as being without merit, and that the British Secretary of State for the Home Department acted both swiftly and lawfully.


    According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the then Home Secretary, now Prime Minister Theresa May, stopped 33 dual nationals, rather stripped them of their U.K. citizenship, and that was done without a trial or review by the courts on the grounds that it was “conducive for the public good.”


    And joining us today to discuss the case, as well as the wider phenomenon of stripping citizenship, are two guests. We’re joining with Dr. Helena Wray and Caterina Aiena. Dr. Wray is an Associate Professor at Exeter Law School, where she is also Deputy Director of Research. She is an expert of International and U.K. migration law and policy, particularly as it affects families and citizenship.


    Caterina works as a researcher with the Islamic Human Rights Commission, where she authored the 2014 report entitled “Stripping Nationality: A Weapon of Political Suppression”.

    remainder: http://therealnews.com/t2/story:18682:U.K.-Increases-Use-of-Stripping-Citizenship-as-Anti-Terrorism-Policy

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