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  • Judi Lynn (8623 posts)
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    U.S. biggest source of illegal foreign guns in Brazil – report

    JANUARY 10, 2018 / 1:37 PM / UPDATED 9 HOURS AGO
    U.S. biggest source of illegal foreign guns in Brazil – report
    Lisandra Paraguassu, Ricardo Brito


    BRASILIA (Reuters) – The United States is the largest source of guns entering Brazil that end up in the hands of armed bandits and drug traffickers, according to a Brazilian Federal Police report seen by Reuters.

    Roughly 1,500 guns originated in the United States out of a study of more than 10,000 arms seized by police since 2014, mostly in Rio de Janeiro, the December 2017 report said, although the guns often travelled through a third country before arriving in Brazil.

    . . .

    “The US continues to be the largest indirect source of illegal handguns and assault rifles as a result of unrestricted sales in stores and fairs in American cities,” the report said.


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  • happyslug (407 posts)
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    1. 15% from the USA, 85% elsewhere..

    And some  “often travelled through a third country”. I.e. Mexico and Central America.

    I can see the pistols coming from the US, the Assault Rifles could came from the US but via a military aid to Columbia or one of the Central American Countries.  I.e. NOT do to weak US Gun laws, but loose controls over who gets US military aid.

    Five stores in Florida sell a lot of the Guns, but the single biggest source of US arms is a store in Paraguay.

    Miami is a hotspot for all type of trade, thus the Assault Rifles, may have started they illegal shipment from Central America, then to MiamI then to Brazil.

    The Florida stores are the source for the pistols, I suspect 9mm automatics, but not the Assault Rifles.  I suspect Central America for the source of the rifles, mostly do to the fact most of these drug dealers want a true Assault Rifle, i.e. with automatic fire capacity, not the semi automatic only M 16 clones you can buy in the USA (new fully automatic weapons are NOT legal to buy since 1986, existing ones are still legalto own, but do to their age and irreplacabilty, to expensive for these drug dealers, when Columbia and Central America is awash with true Assault Rifles from US military aid).

    The Rifles could be US legal semi automatic only versions, but I suspect otherwise.

    The pistols are a different stories, I can see them being purchased and shipped to Brazil directly from the US, on the return trip of any drug smugglers.  I see the Assault Rifles only be shipped via Miami, the source being Central America and Columbia.

  • retired liberal (2105 posts)
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    2. We need to shut down our fire arm manufactures.

    Just put them out of business. Ammunition too. Then I wonder how long it would take for Peace to start to break out all over the world?

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