U.S. border wall no match for Mexican girl's Santa wish list

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      A balloon launched by a Mexican girl and carrying her Santa present list floated over the U.S. border wall and was found by an Arizona man …


      “There’s a 20-foot-tall wall along the border, we’ve got concertina wire stretched across it now, but nothing is going to stop the faith of a child and her Christmas wishes,” Heiss told the TV station.


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      The money used in the wall would be better spent on helping the people in the Central and South American countries we invaded and f*cked up beyond repair.

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      If we can deport all our neoliberals and neocons and ensure that they can never ever set foot here. The dems already gave Trump 80Bn more for bombs what is 5BN more! atleast it will not explode right away killing families

      Never expect different result by following the previous steps

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