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    U.S. college student discovers 1599 Bible

    A curious college student in Portland, Ore., has discovered a 1599 Geneva Bible — the Bible of Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare — in the basement of his school’s library.

    The book — found at Lewis & Clark College’s Aubrey R. Watzek LIbrary — could have royal lineage, according to the local Oregonian newspaper. One page reads: “Imprinted at London, by the Deputies of Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most excellent Majestie.”

    “It’s quite rare,” said Hannah Crummé, the archivist at Lewis & Clark College.

    This edition of the Bible made the scriptures accessible through many elaborate woodcut illustrations. One, titled “The Situation of the Garden of Eden,” is a map of the ancient Middle East, showing “The Great Armenia,” “Mesopotamie,” “Babylone” and “The Golphe of the Persian Sea.”


    short video at link w. ad unfortunately

    why he is not wearing gloves while handling the book irks me no end – and that goes for all old and valuable documents..(rant over)

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    1. You're not a ARMA member are you?

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    2. Fascinating…I'm with you about the gloves.

    Genealogy researchers know that well, don’t touch old archived documents without gloves.

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    3. No gloves

    I have recently been reading more and more that no gloves is better. The British National Archives says take off the gloves. Gloves make you clumsy and more likely to tear documents.



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