U.S. drone sale to Ukraine hits snag

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      ST LOUIS, Missouri, June 17 (Reuters) – The Biden administration’s plan to sell four large, armable drones to Ukraine has been paused on the fear its sophisticated surveillance equipment might fall into enemy hands, according to two people familiar with the matter.

      The technical objection to the sale was raised during a deeper review by the Pentagon’s Defense Technology Security Administration charged with keeping high value technology safe from enemy hands. Previously the plan, which has been circulating since March, had been approved by the White House, three people said.

      The objection to the export of the drones arose due to concerns the radar and surveillance equipment on the drones could create a security risk for the United States if it fell into Russian hands.

      The sources said this consideration had been overlooked in the initial review but came up in meetings at the Pentagon late last week.


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      These things are sitting ducks imo. They are only useful against countries with no air defense systems. What were they thinking?

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      We have citizens who’d sell us out, they expect better from foreign nationals?

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      Yet another sign our imperial managers know the jig is almost up for Ukraine.

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      Another problem for the U.S.A. is, they do not want the news as soon as the drones left the airport, they were blown out of the sky by the Russians.

      Russia has their own drones which carry armaments that work quite well.

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