U.S. Monitoring Reports of North Korean Missile Launch

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      Oct. 31, 2019, at 9:17 a.m.

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. State Department is monitoring reports of a North Korean missile launch after Japan and South Korea said the reclusive country had fired two projectiles on Thursday.


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      Preliminary report indicates launch site near Sunchon NK

      South Pyongan Do
      North Korea

      Sunchon city is about 40 miles north of Pyongyang. The guess is that these two projectiles were launched from a mobile large sized army ballistic missile launcher. In terms of range that would make them short range ballistic missiles from a strategic standpoint, but long range battlefield weapons.

      (Source- JTBC News Oct 31)

      The South Korean JCS is reporting that the estimated range of the longest flight was 370 km and the altitude 90 km.

      A South Korea expert on North Korea says launch, in part, a response to US B-52s in East Sea/Sea of Japan Oct 25, and also an indication of increasing North Korean dissatisfaction with US maximum pressure campaign and deadlocked talks characterized by US failure to undertake a new approach reflected in the earliest Singapore summit.

      This was said by the former South Korea reunification minister Jeong Se-hyun in a tv interview on JTBC News South Korea.

      There appears to have been a tacit understanding observed between the US and North Korea concerning the presence of strategic platforms in the region. Previously B-52s from Guam had been staying on the Pacific Ocean side of Japan or in the East China Sea.


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