U.S. resolution proposing rapid force for Haiti imperiled: ‘No one is stepping up’

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      (Miami Herald) A proposal by the United States encouraging the rapid deployment of an international military force to Haiti is on the verge of failure after no country volunteered to contribute troops, multiple sources tell McClatchy and the Miami Herald.

      Biden administration officials are debating whether to scrap the U.S. resolution, circulated among U.N. Security Council members, unless a foreign partner steps up and offers troops in the next few days.

      The potential reversal is a diplomatic setback for the White House, which had been hoping to corral an armed, foreign force that would be backed with equipment, training and logistical support from the United States.

      But the United States never volunteered its own forces, raising frustration among its partners. Several countries on the Security Council demanded a concrete plan in writing be prepared before a vote on the resolution took place. Russia and China have also openly expressed concerns on the Security Council about the deployment of foreign forces to Haiti.

      Full story here.

      Awww, nobody else wants to do the US Empire’s dirty work for it, except for maybe Canada. 

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      People don’t want to fight another proxy war for us? Now can that be?

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      Good reading.  IMO.  The US is interested in keeping things non-progressive, and I also have read there is oil there.  The Clintons used Haiti as a piggy bank.  IMO.  Another country where the US installs leaders to its liking.


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      The US won’t send troops, but we want others to do their part so the US doesn’t have to.

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      Then there is,  “The festival was over, and the boys were all planning for a fall”

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