Ukraine continues to prepare its citizens for war.

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      Ukraine continues to prepare its citizens for war. This is a short selection from an article a few days ago, automatically translated from the Ukrainian UNIAN news agency.

      I use the Yandex browser for translation; it can also translate text in images.
      I believe the Google browser can also perform translation.

      Survival instructor Sergey Vishnevsky: Everyone knows what the latest iPhone looks like. And it’s worth knowing what an antipersonnel mine looks like

      Veteran, instructor in survival, camouflage, small group tactics, fighter of the Aerozvid BV unit Sergey “Dobry” Vishnevsky told UNIAN why the confidence that you can escape from military danger by car or plane is utopia, why you should have antibiotics in the first-aid kit and how long a pack of buckwheat will last.

      Social networks are buzzing – an army of “evacuation experts” are giving out advice right and left on what to do in the event of a Russian military invasion of the Ukrainian deep rear. And, judging by these tips, the heads of Ukrainians are filled with stereotypes that are unlikely to help them survive in case of danger. Of course, discussing such plans helps someone overcome panic moods. But we should still imagine what will actually fall on our shoulders, so as not to overestimate our strength. What kind of behavior can become fatal in case of danger, UNIAN asked survival instructor Sergey “Dobroy” Vishnevsky.

      Nervous anticipation of increased Russian aggression forces Ukrainians to mentally pack “anxious suitcases”, build “caches” in the woods and prepare for partisanship. What is their main mistake?

      I see how people have a belief that there is some organization, either state or international – which, like firefighters, just waits for a “fire”, and then saves everyone. That is, people believe that there is someone who is engaged in protecting the civilian population. They think: “We don’t see them now, but as soon as everything happens, they will work. Who opens the heating points?”. So, the State Emergency Service sometimes actually makes heating points. The State Emergency Service must rescue people when there are any disasters – floods and so on. But their resources are very limited. And they are by no means designed to evacuate a city, not even a large one.

      How many people, according to your observations, are sure that they will be able to, let’s say, “wait it out”?

      Indeed, there are such stereotypes. “I’m out of politics”, “If I don’t touch anyone, they won’t touch me either”, “I’m not interested in the war, I don’t want to think about it!”… This is the biggest problem of our society. You are not an outsider spectator at all.

      In all military conflicts, the main casualties – nine out of ten – are civilians. There are terrible figures: after the Second World War, 10.5 million people died from local conflicts, but only 0.5 million were military personnel, and about 10 million were civilians.

      Statistics show that of these nine dead, a third will die from artillery strikes, another third from violence (even among themselves), from a mad bullet, illness, hunger, cold, lack of medical care… And another third will die from mines.

      Mine danger is not about not going behind the “Dangerous, mines” sign. There is remote mining, when Hail strikes, aircraft can be mined, you can enter 120 km, and there will be a minefield.

      Hollow people don’t know what it looks like: what can be moved with a stick to the side, and what can not be touched in any case. Everyone knows what the latest iPhone looks like. What does an anti-personnel mine look like? And millions of them can be sketched.

      Many people think that he will get in the car and drive away from the war. What’s wrong with this concept?

      This is a common mistake – overestimating your own speed and mobility. People in big cities for some reason believe that if something starts, then you can get in the car, fill the trunk with something (!) and go somewhere (!) to go. So for people, the evacuation is like the last part of Mad Max, where everyone is driving, shooting, and above all this is a guitarist with a flame! There is no understanding that, for example, in the capital, the left bank of the Dnieper River is connected to the right bank by several bridges. If they are destroyed, that’s all, you don’t go anywhere, you stay on the left, possibly occupied bank. If you’re on the right, then imagine a few million people crashing through several tracks. It’s a collapse. Someone breaks down, someone bumps, a truck turns over across the road – everything, you can’t pull it out without a crane… There is also an option – you will run out of fuel, and you will not buy it anywhere. Or the car will break down. Or they will take away your jeep at the checkpoint, say: “For the war it is necessary. Here is a receipt, you will go to the military enlistment office, they will compensate you after the war.” And it will be quite legal – minibuses and all-wheel-drive vehicles can be used for military needs… We have a huge shortage of cars.

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      About how they survived WW2 when the Nazi’s came.

      Oh wait, Ukraine’s leaders are descended from Nazi sympathizers.

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