Ukraine mandates vaccinations for travel between regions with notice of just over a week

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      I received this from this morning:

      From October 21, interregional transportation in Ukraine will be allowed provided that all passengers, drivers and crew have one of the following documents:

      – a document confirming the receipt of a full course of vaccination or a document confirming the receipt of a single dose of a two-dose vaccine (only for regions of the “yellow” level of epidemic danger);
      – international, domestic or foreign certificate confirming vaccination against COVID-19 with one dose of single-dose vaccine or two doses of two-dose vaccine approved by the WHO for use in emergencies, negative PCR test result or recovery from the specified disease – EU digital COVID certificate or analogue from any country that is connected to the EU system;
      – a negative result of testing for COVID-19 by PCR or rapid antigen test, which is valid for 72 hours.

      The new rules apply to both regular and irregular passenger transport by bus routes, air and rail transport of interregional services.

      Buses and trains as well as air travel, with incredibly short notice, and I believe all of Ukraine is currently considered a yellow zone. There’s no information on age requirements, at least in this notice.

      I talked to my fiancee about this – she doesn’t even know where she can get the vaccine, if it’s available, or how much it will cost. She has to find answers as she’s trying to travel across the country next week. (I looked it up – she can get it at her local train station at no cost – if it’s available).

      She’s also nervous about it as one of her former classmates died after being vaccinated. Right now, less than 18% of the population of Ukraine has even received one dose.

      Imagine if the US had done this – shut down all travel services between states if you aren’t vaccinated or have a negative test, with only a week’s notice!!

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      From :

      On Oct. 12, Health Minister Viktor Lyashko released a statement to clarify that the new rules will not apply to minors, as they are not able to receive a COVID vaccine.

      “Children under the age of 18 will be able to use public transport on trips between regions without presenting negative tests for COVID-19 and certificates or international vaccination certificates. For children over the age of 12, it remains a mandatory rule to use protective masks while in public places, including transport, ” said Lyashko.

      Big “oops” not to include that in the first place . . .

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