Ukraine: more escalation steps today

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      Just a twitter summary of actions taken by Ukraine, Russia and now the US. Posted to Late Breaking News instead of Foreign Affairs because of the most recent US step.

      You can tell the perspective of the source based on spelling.

      From Ukrainian: Kyiv, Donbas, Odesa, Kharkiv
      From Russian: Kiev, Donbass, Odessa, Kharkov

      Ukrainian Cyrillic has an ‘i’ in its alphabet; Russian Cyrillic does not.

      Ukrainian president Zelensky visits Donbass front lines.

      Situation Worsening, US deployed a patrol boat to the Black Sea to help …

      Ukrainian Navy launch surprise exercises in the Black Sea.

      Pilotage operations in the ports of Kherson, Olvia, Chornomorsk, Odesa, Pivdenny and Mykolaiv limited as a result.

      Landing craft and artillery boats of the Caspian Flotilla are entering the Black Sea as part of an exercise, Interfax reports.

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      I recall reading a report that the Ukrainian navy has finished their training on these patrol boats.

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      Ukraine Cleared To Buy 16 Of The U.S. Navy’s Newest Patrol Boats
      A notable naval skirmish with Russian forces a year and a half ago underscored the country’s desperate need for additional and more capable ships.

      …The Ukrainian Navy still lacks the kind of capability to actively deter or otherwise challenge the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet, which would be its most likely immediate naval opponent. The Black Sea Fleet has some 50 surface vessels, including a cruiser, a destroyer, and a number of frigates, as well as six submarines. This is not to mention the expansive military capabilities that Russia has deployed on the Crimean Peninsula, which it has illegally occupied since 2014, and elsewhere in the Black Sea region, including significant amounts of combat airpower and shore-based anti-ship, as well as anti-aircraft defenses.

      In 2018, the United States did propose the sale of two ex-U.S. Navy Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates to Ukraine…

      “illegal occupation of Crimea” well this is an arms industry rag.

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