Ukraine: Russian Ministry of Defense reports large Ukrainian losses today

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      Selections from long briefing report.

      ▫️Attacks launched by aviation, missile troops and artillery have resulted in 570 nationalists, 29 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, as well as 16 special vehicles.

      ▫️Only 28 servicemen of the 57th Mechanised Brigade of the AFU that operates in Severodonetsk have remained in the ranks, the other has been left only with commanders.

      ▫️There are more than 600 persons who have refused to fight.

      ▪️The same situation is in the 57th Mechanised Brigade of the AFU. After losing the two thirds of personnel, its commander begged the group command to inform the AFU General Staff and Zelensky in person about the real situation.

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      Drafting women, wanting refugees be returned to Ukraine from Poland to be drafted, etc.

      I’d say the situation is pretty desperate for the current government there.

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        But the West keeps sending weapons because it’s all about Ukraine, but nothing about Ukrainians.

        I hear something like 70,000 Ukrainians killed and 200,000 wounded – but no negotiations. Got to send more Ukrainians to die.

        By the time this ends, it’ll be hundreds of thousands killed in Joey’s war, not to mention that already 1/3 (!) of the total population that is displaced – and that was when only women, children and seniors were permitted to leave the country.

        And that’ll go on as long as the government that exists has people to send.

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      And let’s agree on them taking the fall, and not having a career after a peace treaty gets signed. He can be the new incarnation of Bush/Cheney who is said to be responsible for all the deaths, maiming, suffering, and destruction, that happened since Zelenskyy was told to back away from negotiating with Putin a couple of months ago*.

      Boris Johnson Is in Trouble, and So Is His Party

      LONDON — For Boris Johnson, Britain’s embattled and scandal-ridden prime minister, nowhere is safe.

      On Thursday, that may become inescapably clear. Two local elections — one in a traditional Tory area in South Devon that the party has controlled almost continuously since 1885, the other in a postindustrial seat in North England that the Tories took from Labour for the first time in 90 years in 2019 — will deliver a decisive assessment of Mr. Johnson’s flailing popularity. As things stand, the Conservatives are set to lose both.

      Mr. Johnson’s ability to win over such disparate people and places — affluent farmers and neglected manufacturers, the shires in the South and old Labour heartlands in the North — once ensured his position at the top of the Conservative Party. Yet now, as Britain hovers on the brink of economic recession, the constituencies that previously united around the prime minister appear to be rejecting him. For Mr. Johnson, his authority frayed by a recentno confidence vote, a double defeat would leave his tenure hanging by a thread.

      But the Conservatives’ problems are much bigger than the prime minister. After 12 years in office, under three different leaders, the Conservatives have collectively set the stage for Britain’s woes. The balance sheet is dire: Wages haven’t risen in real terms since 2010, austerity has hollowed out local communities, and regional inequality has deepened. Britain’s protracted departure from the European Union, pursued by the Conservatives without a clear plan, has only made matters worse.

      *Since it was he, according to The Duran, who was the one who insisted Zelenskyy not negotiate, he’d make a swell pick. When the New York Times allows a dutiful and loyal fellow warmonger to be called a failure, you have to figure the writing is on the wall for them.

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