Ukraine, Taiwan…Two prong US aggression toward Russia and China

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      Of note, I was unable to post this on f/b

      I’ll just throw out the rhetorical question that I earlier threw out in another thread…Don’t we all benefit when another block stands up to the West….It’s not like UK=US and the Western alliance monopolize all the virtues…..

      There is a close parallel in the way the Biden administration is riling up dangerous tensions with Russia and China. The proxy in both cases are the Ukraine and Taiwan, respectively.

      Washington is citing claims that Russia and China are threatening its allies which, in turn, provides a pretext for the United States to step up its own provocative actions. It’s a vicious cycle that is at grave risk of spinning out of control into an all-out war between nuclear powers.

      In just three months after his inauguration as the 46th U.S. president, Joe Biden’s administration has embarked on a reckless course of belligerence toward Russia and China. This dynamic was predicted by Strategic Culture Foundation in several of our commentaries and interviews before Biden was inaugurated on January 20.

      Link to full article is here

      And then there’s this RT observation/perspective which one will never get in the US….

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      David the Gnome
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      Could turn into something much worse.  For now, what I see is a lot of high muckety mucks shaking their dicks at each other.  Yet, until one side either fires one of those nukes or actually declares war…

      I don’t know.  We can really only hope that wiser minds prevail – or perhaps count on their greed and lust for power.  They want to rule and rape the world’s resources more than they want to destroy… most of them anyway.

      One thing worth considering, too, is that the Israeli government is becoming increasingly fanatic.  If anyone is likely to kick off world war III, it is them.

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      The US liked Putin until he kicked most of the Oligarch out of town or into compliance. He refused to let the American Oligarchs continue to rape and pillage Russia, and he put his people before corporations. Making sure they were housed fed and had medical care. Then he revamped the educational system and the infrastructure. Each time the US imposed some new sanctions he started a new program to keep his people self sustaining. They hate him because they know he actually has something non of them have MORALS


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      in the face of ordinary civilians clamoring for increased national resources in this period of economic decline.   So, the Chinese naval buildup and the Russia bogeyman are lifesavers for US military empire builders.   I heard a US Naval War College expert say this in particular about the so called China threat, so there is an ambivalence there.   He also said the US will lose a war for Taiwan in addition to risking nuclear war.

      The “near peer rival threat” we love to hate.

      I’m still making the analogy with the Todt Organization Nazi paradigm in the thirties.  Due to the emergence of a multi-polar world in which China and Eurasia generally eventually surpass the United States in relative terms, there is elite “now or never” desperation to stop the trend.   The same held true for Germany,  German industrial elites felt ultimately Germany couldn’t compete effectively with the Soviet Union, and the US continental powers, unless it took over Europe in it’s entirety.   This impulse was the main driver for WWII in the west.  (See Adam Tooze’s masterpiece Wages of Destruction, An Economic History of the Third Reich)   In the East it was a similar impulse which drove Japan to attempt the conquest of East Asia.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      It’s OK. It’s for the good of the Libyan people(and the increase to stock portfolios is just a bonus).

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      Or pricks? They are synonymous, but one word carries more descriptive power.

      Corporate America consists of totalitarian entities laser-focused on short-term greed.

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      Unlike WW2 this one will end civilization as we know it if not completely. The Russians have said as much   I actually can’t see Americans or Europeans jumping up to join the military to fight for the Jeff Bezos of the world. On the other hand I have no doubt the Russians Chinese and Iranians and all the other countries the US and UK have abused will have people clamoring to fight the empire


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