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      my wife on medicare with a Medicaid back up took one of those plan c enhanced policies that does cover her medication fairly well, but

      her doctors office scheduled a chest x ray at the local university hospital, the one where I guess most low income patients show up in the emergency room. we had an appointment. arrived 1 hour early and checked in at the computer terminal. no appointment shown so we signed in as a “walk in”

      waited a few hours. then she was called. she had an appointment after all. but. that hospital does not accept that “enhanced medicare” company so we would be “financially responsible.” no can do.

      now we have to get another appointment with a different hospital after wasting 1/2 day at a place that could have told us they did not accept our insurance over the phone.

      why in the world can’t the efficient free market system solve these problems. medicare, i’m sure, is eventually paying all the profiteers.

      I stayed on medicare with no “enhancement. the blue cross provided by my retirement pays everything, including most drugs, that medicare does not. I like “medicare for all” as a concept. the system is in place so would not require the billions that were somehow needed to implement Obamacare. but medicare needs to be updated to eliminate the $133 premiums and the 20% deductible.

      just venting really.

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