Univision’s Ramos is released after Venezuela’s Maduro detained him. They kept his camera.

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    Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos and his network colleagues have been released after Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro detained them Monday night because he “did not like their questions,” Daniel Coronell, the president of news for Univision in the U.S., tweeted Monday evening.

    About two hours after Coronell’s initial tweet, Coronell said he had spoken with Ramos, one of the most prominent news anchors on Spanish-language television in the United States.

    “He and the other team members were released,” Coronell tweeted. “The equipment and the material of the interview that he disliked <span class=”twitter-atreply pretty-link js-nav”>@NicolasMaduro</span> were confiscated.”

    Ramos, speaking live from Caracas Monday night on the telephone and broadcast on Univision, told viewers: “About 17 minutes into the interview, he (Maduro) didn´t like the questions we were asking about the lack of democracy in Venezuela, about tortures to political prisoners, about the humanitarian crisis and he left the interview after I showed him a group of young people collecting food from a trash can on the street.”

    Bad move, it makes him look like he’s getting advice from political operatives who got fired from their last job for being too thuggish.

    “You went full Nixon. You never go full Nixon.”

    The opportunity here now is to do a full 180, weather the tough questions, invoke both the history of colonialism, and recent interventionism by the USA, promise to reach out to the opposition, and point to the legions of supporters for his administration. Talk up how the next round of elections will be open and fair, and how outside referees will be invited in well in advance.

    The danger here is that if Univision dumps on Maduro, then he’ll have foes from all across the political spectrum.


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    Where were these “young people collecting food from a trash can on the street”?  Maybe New York city?

    The frozen north?

    I know! They were behind a Wal-Mart.

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    Venezuela to deport Univision team after Maduro shown ‘garbage eating’ video
    Carlos Garcia Rawlins, Sarah Marsh

    4 Min Read

    CARACAS (Reuters) – U.S. television network Univision said on Monday Venezuela was deporting a news team led by anchor Jorge Ramos after they were briefly detained at the presidential palace because their line of questioning upset President Nicolas Maduro.

    The six-person team was held for more than two hours in the Miraflores palace after Maduro said he did not like their questions, Ramos told reporters after arriving back at his Caracas hotel which was surrounded by armed intelligence agents.

    Venezuela’s socialist government has long had a tense relationship with Western media, which it largely considers hostile and in league with “imperialist” interests.

    Short detentions and deportations have become common, especially as reporters facing delays for official permissions seek shortcuts to report in Venezuela.


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    Univision is owned by NBC. Maduro’s mistake was agreeing to (a character assassination) in the first place.

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    I’m so SICK of all the “US backed” coups, the “regime changes”, the wars and the economic intimidation, the lies without beginning or end, the sleazy money, the sidelong looks, the pretense.

    I’m just so fucking SICK of the USA.

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    You ask the wrong questions (‘fake news’, ‘enemy of the people’) and Trump bans you from the White House; Maduro keeps you in the Miraflores palace. If you don’t want to answer questions, don’t hold a news conference or agree to be interviewed unless it is FOX. Problem solved.

    National problems (slavery/racism, income inequality, pathetic health care, weak unions) are not solved with more states' rights. Global problems (climate change, migration, trade, war) are not solved with more national sovereignty.

    A CEO, an American worker and an immigrant sit at a table with a dozen cookies in front of them. The CEO grabs 11 of them, then leans over and warns the worker, "Watch out for the immigrant. He is trying to get your cookie."

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    Lack of democracy… here is some info about “Citizens United”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizens_United_v._FEC

    In addition, we have the electoral college – and our voting machines are wide open to hackers and abuse from pretty much any clever 12 year old on 4chan.  Over 900 million spent by the Clinton campaign – on five consultants.  Uhm, democracy, yeah.  Let freedom ring, and shit.

    Torture – and Abu Ghraib: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Ghraib_torture_and_prisoner_abuse

    Whoops!  Oh, did I forget to mention that just after 9/11 the Bush administration passed new laws like the Patriot Act, permitting warrantless wire tapping, detention of… well, anyone, with neither charge nor indictment, torture, government secrecy, that sort of thing.  Here we go: https://www.aclu.org/other/top-ten-abuses-power-911

    People collecting food from trash cans?  You don’t say… I could find a link, but see the post from GZeusH – already done.

    So, uhm, what were they criticizing again?  Let’s see… lack of democracy… torture… hungry people digging through trash for food… oh shit, the US is extremely guilty of all of these things as well.  Huh.  Funny old world.

    They let them go – how many do you think were “detained” under the new laws implemented by the Patriot Act?  Or, to get more to the point – what was the US reaction to Edward Snowden (I’ll grant, NOT an official US journalist – he actually told the truth) or Julian Assange?  How does the US, in general, react to anyone – including journalists, telling the truth about some of our more sensitive projects?  Why, we give them flowers and shit, right?  We will, perhaps, have reached new extremes when the government decides to arrest people like Glenn Greenwald and Caitlin Johnstone – but I suspect that time is not far off.  Yes, enemy of the people indeed, much like Trump describes the New York times, CNN, MSNBC, anything not Fox…

    So… let’s hear it for the land of the free and home of the brave, right?  Maybe we need to solve some of our own fucking problems.  Or how about Khashoggi?  The powers that be did something about that, of course… oh wait…

    You know, some times the hypocrisy makes me want to just give up on politics altogether.  It’s a never ending circus.  This is such bull shit.  Not that reporters were arrested and detained – I’ll agree that that’s wrong, but the US and it’s allies will use this as further justification for regime change.  When the leader of a Country agrees to an interview, you don’t badger the hell out of them.  I wonder just how those questions were asked.  How many times have we seen Trump or Obama severely criticized, disrespected, asked about “democracy, hunger and/or torture of prisoners in America”??  How did they generally respond?  Perhaps not with arrests, but it’s only a matter of time.

    However… prepare for an absolute flood of hypocritical bull shit launched from pretty much every major cable news network – pretty much universally in favor of Regime change.  Prepare for the “experts” and “expert consultants” (you know, like Rick Santorum!) to give their educated, rational views on such matters.  Or for someone to once again suggest that, perhaps we ought to bugger Maduro to death, or something.

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    I’m thinking that Senator Sanders is very on top of where things are going, and he sees that there’s a risk that Maduro is heading towards having virtually no real support among the political class, or in the media, here in the USA.

    He might survive, in which case it will be shame on any Democrat in the primary who called for his ouster. But if Maduro goes down in flames, and that can happen irregardless of how unfair it would be, everyone who stood beside Maduro will look less viable in the general election, and in regards Sanders it would be more than enough of an excuse for the party’s elites to marginalize him, and there’s plenty in the media (especially David Brock) who’d be willing to do that.

    So Bernie is walking a tightrope, and imo he’s doing an excellent job of doing that.

    Maduro is legitimate, but then so was Nixon. As I alluded to up thread, Maduro has generated an aura of thuggishness, and if the media can portray him as having gone “full Nixon”, then they will do so with glee.

    Bernie is a politician, albeit one with a conscience, and his political spider sense indicates that Maduro isn’t someone he can defend. But Bernie is managing to walk the tightrope while not defending him, and he’s not allying himself with any talk of a U.S. backed coup.


    In terms of winning the Democratic primary, which dovetails with not handing Trump any easily exploited wedge issues, Maduro is radioactive. Sanders isn’t being an apologist for the deep state by recognizing that. If he was going to just stay a Senator he could deliver a lengthy, nuanced, position statement on why he thought that though Maduro might not be likable, we still need to respect his legitimacy, and we need to work with his government, and not encourage any illegal coups.

    That would earn him scorn from some of those actually running in the Presidential primary, but he’d survive that, and it would maybe do some good. But he’s not just a Senator, he’s a candidate, and we can’t have it both ways. Some of the other candidates are opportunists, and Trump would find such a statement a source of endless fodder.

    A Democrat (Clinton) gave us Libya, and Democrats got us into Syria. Much misery has resulted, and the party can not afford to be identified with the misery in Venezuela. The media has already decided to not report on how suffering in Central and South America is connected to the wrong headed policies of the United States, so it would be a tough job to spin the Maduro administration as being the good guys, and his opposition in Venezuela as being the bad guys. That’s too complex a story to get going in a short time so as to sell to the electorate.

    The best hope for Venezuela is to get a real progressive Democrat in office, and not another one of those globalist, TPP loving, ones that the establishment embraces. And we won’t get a real progressive as our nominee unless they are very circumspect in how they lay out their proposals.

    We had Tulsi do that exactingly well on The View, and now we see Sanders taking on the harder chore of discussing a situation that is evolving in real time. The Democratic primary, which is loaded with establishment politicians, is not the place to educate, and lecture, the electorate regarding American corporate influenced imperialism to the south of our border. At least not regarding a country where blood is currently getting spilled, and its anyone’s guess as to who is going to come out on top, and to have been right all along.


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    Chavez has two things that Maduro does not

    1. Charisma
    2. Comparatively high oil prices.

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    Listening to deceitful propagandists spout their nonsense over and over again, after it has been thoroughly debunked, can get rather frustrating.

    A prime example, is the pretense by ‘journalists’, that US economic warfare has caused no problems for the Venezuelan people. After a while, you just want to punch them in the nose. Thank goodness Maduro was able to resist mowing them down with a helicopter gunship or something.

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    Univision always hated Chavez and Maduro. They’re sort of the Fox of Spanish language TV in this country, aren’t they?

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      My belief is they tend to be a Conservative Democrat rather than outright Fox News.

      Most of the Spanish Media here in the USA has no appreciation for the Trump Administration and inflate the problems, similar to most of the English Media.

      That is my understanding from a Spanish Speaking Person.

      @Ohio Barbarian

      If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit WC Fields

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      The original owners of Univision were Cuban Americans in Miami, so it’s probably safe to assume they always had a right wing bias to some extent. Currently the network is owned by Haim Saban, who calls himself a “Democrat” and gives a lot of money to certain alleged “Democrats” (Turd Way types, of course) but is probably more aligned with NuttyYahoo’s Likud Party than anybody in the US, certainly in terms of his foreign policy.

      I didn't refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton because any goddamned Russian told me to. I refused to vote for her because she is a warmongering, election stealing, Goldman Sachs fellating, Republican WHORE. No offense to sex workers.

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    Was Univision not a very strong supporter of HRC?

    Did they ever ask her about the CIA/State Dept interference

    in Honduras? I doubt it very much.


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