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  • NVBirdlady (3774 posts)
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    Update Northern Nevada storm and flooding.

    We are closer to flooding levels in 2005 versus 1997, which is good news.

    I-80 is closed eastbound and westbound over the Sierras. Mount Rose highway is closed due to mudslides. Update: Kingsbury Grade closed. Highway 50 still open to Lake Tahoe into CA. I believe Highway 88 into CA is still open as well. All bridges in downtown Reno closed.

    The Truckee River is cresting through Reno at 1:00 am and Sparks around 3:00 am. There is significant flooding and people have already been evacuated to two locations.

    It has rained over an inch in Carson City. We are expected to get at least three inches of rain. The 4-5 inches of snow that was received this week is almost melted. So far, water is moving and has not begun to flood in my neighborhood. There is flooding occurring but not in my local vicinity. I have seen a few photos of mudslides in Carson City. The rain will turn to snow on Monday or Tuesday, which is also good news.

    The Governor has requested only essential state employees show up for work on Monday.

    Currently, all is well for NVBirdlady family.

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  • Snort McDork (2307 posts)
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    1. Good to hear. Should call my friend in Sacramento and see how he's doing.

    One part of Nor-Cal almost got 4 inches of rain. Thats crazy. Mostly 1-3 inches on average. Was looking at KCRA webcast.

    • NVBirdlady (3774 posts)
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      3. Yes, this is insane. Thank goodness we are not at 1997 levels.

      That was really bad. Sacramento has got to be pretty similar to what is happening in Reno. The Feather River is one area for them to be concerned about. I think @willyt may be around that area. Perhaps he could provide an update if he’s not underwater.  I was just outside and it’s pouring rain and has been the last 24 hours. I hope this helps.

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  • oldandhappy (3223 posts)
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    2. Thank you for all the info. Stay safe.

  • Marym625 (21689 posts)
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    4. Thank you for the update

    I am glad it seems you’ll be safe. Keep us updated, please


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  • Two way street (1962 posts)
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    5. National Weather Service Map-Just keep clicking to get a smaller area which

    leads to a more specific forecast.


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    • NVBirdlady (3774 posts)
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      6. As of 9:08 pm, we are still under a Flood Warning. Thanks for the link.

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  • jdpriestly (5879 posts)
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    7. We in Los Angeles are also due to get some rain tonight.

    Keep save, NVBirdLady.

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  • whispers (1253 posts)
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    8. Be Safe!

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