Urgent Update on the coup in Bolivia with Anya Parampil

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    The OAS held an emergency meeting yesterday and Anya went to listen and the OAS would not allow her in.

    The OAS is now under the thumb of our rogue government.

    Here’s her video. It’s only 10 minutes:

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    I’m surprised at the lack of interest here at jpr.

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      I don’t know.  In my case, it isn’t that I don’t care, it is more that I don’t know what to say sometimes or don’t feel I have much to add, so I just read and chug along.  Also, when I read through here, I do so when I am performing an activity that doesn’t take too much of my attention.  So when I do write responses, either it is quick, or I go back and forth between the post and some other work/activity.
      In regards to this coup…
      This is another US intervention that has been going on for years.  We’ve been messing with South America for so long, and the way the MSM covers it, almost feels similar to their coverage towards Africa.  They don’t really care.

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