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  • Deadpool (13474 posts)
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    US ambassador to Panama resigns after saying he can no longer serve under Trump

    John D. Feeley, The United States ambassador to Panama, announced his resignation on Friday saying he “can no longer serve under the Trump Administration,” Reuters reports.

    Read More: https://www.rawstory.com/2018/01/us-ambassador-to-panama-resigns-after-saying-he-can-no-longer-serve-under-trump/

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  • RealityCheck (1176 posts)
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    1. and …………………

    this is what a conscience looks like.

    • Major Hogwash (3495 posts)
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      4. Naw.

      It’s just that Feely recently learned that Trump considers Panama to be a shithole country, and Feely doesn’t want to be the ambassador for a country of that kind. He wanted to be appointed to be the ambassador of a great country, a bigly country, something like Spain or Norway.

      Trump moya marionetka ~ Putin  
  • Cleita (2827 posts)
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    2. Let's hope others voice the same sentiment and start a trend

    toward not accepting unAmerican words and actions by our elected leaders.

  • Salemcourt (733 posts)
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    3. A career diplomat and involved in many South American activities

    and he suddenly get a conscience!  Give me a break.

    • RealityCheck (1176 posts)
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      5. after Trump's honest blurb

      it would have helped to refer to the conscience comment if I added words like ‘he discovered or found’ his conscience ….. more than likely momentarily until further notice.