US bans shock ‘treatment’ on children with special needs at Boston-area school

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      FDA ban brings an end to decades-long battle against use of ‘aversive therapy’ at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Massachusetts

      Ed Pilkington in New York
      Thu 5 Mar 2020 12.06 EST

      The US government has banned an electric shock machine that is used to zap children and young adults with special needs in a school outside Boston – the only institution in the world known to practice the controversial punishment “treatment”.

      The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken the extremely rare move of imposing a total ban on the production and use of the electric shock machines, known as electrical stimulation devices. It said the ban – only the third such comprehensive prohibition of a medical device in FDA history – was necessary to “protect public health”.

      The ban brings to an end a decades-long battle against the use of electric shocks at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC) in Canton, Massachusetts. Disability groups and international human rights organisations have campaigned ceaselessly to outlaw the use of so-called “aversive therapy”, where pain is inflicted on vulnerable children in order to discourage them from self-harming or aggressive behavior.

      More than 40 special needs residents of JRC, many with severe forms of autism, are understood to be on the electric shock regime. Managers of the center insisted the device was safe and pointed out that the use of shocks was approved in each case by the state family courts.


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      But finally I guess.

      Fear not the path of Truth for the lack of People walking on it. - RFK

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      Finally. It is going to end unless one of our stupid presidents reverses this. To begin with most of us who are parents of special needs children hated this so called “therapy” and that is one of the biggest reason we fought to get rid of the institutions. The fact that many institutions still exist is horrible but at least they should be closely monitored and regulated for the sake of helpless children and adults.

      Years ago this treatment was directed at women who had mental breakdowns due to extreme stress. As if torture would relieve stress. My mother was one of those women. Years later she still could not remember much of at least one year of her life. And she was still under stress because it was economic stress that caused the whole thing.

      Sometimes I wonder what kind of “doctors” practice this kind of torture? And then I remember the history of doctors in the WWII era. Anything for science or what they  call science.


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