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    US confirms air raid but denies targeting mosque

    You have to go outside US MSM to get the real news.

    The US military says it carried out a deadly air strike on an al-Qaeda meeting in northern Syria and will investigate reports that more than 40 civilians were killed when a mosque was struck in a raid in the same area.

    Jets struck the village of Al Jina, in Aleppo province, on Thursday at the time of evening prayer when the mosque was full of worshippers, with local activists saying up to 300 people were inside at the time of the attack.

    Al Jina lies in one of the main rebel-held parts of Syria, encompassing the western parts of Aleppo province and neighbouring Idlib.

    The area’s population has been swollen by refugees, according to United Nations agencies.

    Bilal Abdul Kareem, a documentary filmmaker, visited the mosque and said that the toll of the attack was likely much higher than 42, as was reported by activists, as many of the victims had yet to be recovered.


    More: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/03/confirms-idlib-air-raid-denies-targeting-mosque-170317034322651.html

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  • jwirr (3869 posts)
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    1. There are some rules to war – we figured that out when we worked on the

    Geneva Convention rules. What you do to the enemy they will do back to you. The example is torture. We have been ignoring that rule. Now we have deliberately targeted a religious building – which one are we supposed to be afraid to attend now?

    • Peace13 (966 posts)
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      4. Remember Rummy said that our troops were fungible.

      If we don’t care about them we certainly don’t care about the ‘enemy’! When the Geneva Convention rules went down, that was the final blow to respecting our own troops lives and those of others.

      Life's too short to vote for immoral warmongers.
      • jwirr (3869 posts)
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        5. Exactly

  • Peace13 (966 posts)
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    2. There is no apology for the dead…

    …at home or abroad. The military and militarized police have no problem with this. It has become very evident that we care so little about anything but killing and more killing. The picture is pretty clear. We spend our money and the money we borrow on war …..to create more war.

    Life's too short to vote for immoral warmongers.
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    3. Bombing a Mosque

    Winning Hearts and Minds Boys and Girls!  Winning Hearts and Minds!

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    6. so it's oops sorry? I can think of another country that doesn't target

    mosques, schools , refugee shelters but manages to bomb them anyway, and when oops becomes too obviously a lie, then the word terrorists comes into play – wonder what the excuse will be next time there’s an oops

    why do establishment Democrats appear to be 'progressive' only when dominated by republicans? 
  • Green Dog Dem (3276 posts)
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    7. Right. The target was across the street.

    So everything’s hunky-dory. :sarcasm:

    Aloha! KamaAina in the hale (house).