US Navy races to recover crashed F-35 fighter jet in South China Sea – fifth mishap on ship in three months

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      The U.S. Navy reported yet another incident Monday involving a high-tech aircraft that is now missing somewhere in the depths of the South China Sea. The military is now launching efforts to reclaim the valuable warplane, and experts are wondering how the same carrier has had five accidents in just a few months.

      Link to article (Yahoo)

      RT’s coverage is really great with VIPs (veteran intelligence professionals for sanity) activist/retired LTC Karen Kwiatkowski

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      “It’s not clear what might have prompted the escalation, but China did something similar in early October during similar U.S. Navy operations.”

      “Escalation” of what? The correct expression would be increased presence. The PLAAF increases their presence in international airspace in reaction to the large US carrier strike forces in the region.

      I’ve seen accidents very similar to these shipboard F-35 accidents when I was on a carrier. Once when I was telling some people in a chat about them, some alpha hotel from Canada told everyone “oh, maybe it used to be like that, but it’s not like that anymore.” Carrier operations are extremely dangerous. The other day, I saw a navy promotional site bragging about how professional they are. I thought about ship collisions that had occurred not too long ago, and had some reservations about it. Now this. Sounds like a helo dropped their hydrophone array. So they are dropping their hard junk in somebody’s EEZ just like the Chinese complain about. They probably dump fuel when on approach, and drop their trash there too.

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      but I think there has been one crash of a Russian SU-57 during testing in 2019.

      Wikipedia has seven for the F-35 at .

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      I’m thinking 5.

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      Now who could have foreseen problems with the F-35?

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      and then laugh at us about how bad a design it is 😂

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      and be stupid enough to copy it.

      Why in the world would we take a plane that’s barely function as land-based and put it on a carrier?  What could go wrong?

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      Copy and paste.

      But if that thing has important intell on it, it needs to be destroyed.

      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

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      Sometimes it takes awhile, and a few lives, before the Navy will admit that its way might not be the right way.

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