US outbreaks force early reversals on in-person learning

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      By JEFF AMY
      an hour ago

      ATLANTA (AP) — A few weeks into the new school year, growing numbers of U.S. districts have halted in-person learning or switched to hybrid models because of rapidly mounting coronavirus infections.

      More than 80 school districts or charter networks have closed or delayed in-person classes for at least one entire school in more than a dozen states. Others have sent home whole grade levels or asked half their students to stay home on hybrid schedules.

      The setbacks in mostly small, rural districts that were among the first to return dampen hopes for a sustained, widespread return to classrooms after two years of schooling disrupted by the pandemic.

      In Georgia, where in-person classes are on hold in more than 20 districts that started the school year without mask requirements, some superintendents say the virus appeared to be spreading in schools before they sent students home.

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      Teachers at Schurr High School in Montebello, an eastern suburb of Los Angeles, returned to their classrooms to prepare for the first day of classes on Monday, August 16.

      In the lead-up to reopening across the Montebello Unified School District, whose student body is mostly Hispanic and working class, district officials boasted of work which had been undertaken to prepare campuses for a “safe” return to in-person learning. The school district’s social media pages were filled with photos and videos of workers painting classrooms and deep-cleaning bathrooms and walkways. One district tweet stated, “Wonderful work being done preparing for a safe return!”

      Instead, returning teaches found that their classrooms had rat feces covering the floors and desks. The facilities reeked from dead and decomposing rat cadavers, and there were active nests in storage cabinets.

      Teacher Al Cueva told the Los Angeles Times that he “could hear rats running around in the walls and ceiling.”

      LINK–, Southern California teachers return to school to find rat-infested classrooms


      People are being sold a bill of goods when told it is safe to go to work and school.

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      Because that’s where working class parents will be forced to send their kids during the day, and the teachers will expect them to take all the risks and the responsibilities. I have no sympathy for the teachers, admittedly because my daughter works in a daycare center. If she is required to be around the kids, so should they.

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