US Pressures Ukraine To Weigh Talks With Russia

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      (Barron’s) The US is pressuring Ukraine to be open to peace talks with Moscow, with a top Pentagon official saying Kyiv’s forces will find it hard to recover all the territory Russia has captured in the war.

      US Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley said Wednesday that US and allied support has not diminished, but added that Kyiv’s success in countering Russia’s invasion puts it in better position to begin talks.


      “The probability of a Ukrainian military victory, defined as kicking the Russians out of all of Ukraine, to include … Crimea, the probability of that happening anytime soon is not high, militarily,” he said.


      And on Monday CIA Director William Burns held talks with Russian SVR intelligence chief Sergei Naryshkin in Ankara, the highest-level in-person meeting of US and Russian officials since the war began in February. The details of their meeting remain secret, but Burns flew to Kyiv to meet with Zelensky immediately afterward.

      Full, brief article here.

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      this year. There have been a lot of messages, from planeloads of equipment in February to I suspect approval of Ukrainian forces buildup and increased shelling on the Donbass contact line.

      Now, there’s more shelling of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which again I am sure the US knows of.

      A rumor I heard this morning: Russia has given Ukraine until the end of November to start negotiations or it will finish taking out the energy infrastructure.

      Still untouched are the 750 kV power distribution systems – those would bring down the whole country.

      Maybe internet and phones too – we probably would know even less about what’s going on in Ukraine.

      I wonder if it would also disable air raid systems …

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      Besides the fact that Putin is likely smarter than Kruschev, we have…um…Biden and Biden is not Kennedy!

      That said I do see a couple of other flies in the ointment:

      First is trusting U.S led NATO. They got us into this fix when they started marching their agenda through the old Iron Curtain countries.

      Secondly is trusting Zelensky not to try something underhanded like, oh I dunno, blowing up a Ukranian nuclear power plant in order to spread toxic crap throughout Europe.

      As an afterthought, I’ d like to add a third fly in that ointment: Weaponry we ‘gave’ to Zelensky and his Nazi chums which are now circulating on the black market.

      There are innumerable ways that they might be used at the cost of civilian lives.

      Here is a ghastly thought: they could use those missiles for knocking down a few civilian air liners in order to cripple our airline industry and blaming it on the Russians for instance.

      Before you think otherwise Zelensky and co. do indeed have those kind of anti-air missiles because we sent them there without keeping track of them!

      So no, I do not trust our M.I.C. nor do I trust Zelensky and his chums, nor do I trust cabbage for brains Biden in a crisis.

      Just my opinion.

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        The US started it in 2013 or so, and armed it in 2022, but it’s up to Ukraine and Russia.

        Zelensky even made it against the law to talk with Russia with Putin in power. There are those in Russia who don’t trust Ukraine to negotiate in good faith. Here’s a new voice from today:

        🇷🇺🇺🇦Normalization of relations between Russia and Ukraine is possible only after the change of power in Kiev. This opinion was expressed by the vice-speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev in an interview for aif. ru. The vice speaker emphasized that Ukraine should be forced to fulfill the obligations that were laid down in the Minsk agreements, despite the fact that they have already lost their force in the form in which they were prescribed in 2014 and 2015.

        Remember that the signatories to the Minsk accords were Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany – not the US, though it voted for them in the UN Security Council.

        So unfortunately, I am less than optimistic, and not optimistic for what remains of Ukraine when this is over.

        Though I do hope to be able to visit Ukraine again – English is a language to speak there – though I don’t know if it will be welcomed next year.


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          I figured Putin and  Biden were going to be the ones chatting about Ukraine.

          IMO it was the U.S. that caused the catastrophe or at the very least were the major instigators of Ukraine’s current disaster.

          That’s why I figured those two as the major players in any negotiations.

          I further think that the U.S. should take the lead in honest humanitarian aid for Ukraine. (As Colin Powel said, “You break it you fix it.”)

          It is with the deepest shame for me to acknowledge the fact that my country broke a great many countries in my lifetime.

          Thank you for putting things in perspective jbnw. I hope my ignorance was not too offensive.


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            of course! I’ve followed this and talked with Ukrainians for 9 years or so.

            Yes, it should be US responsibility, but Biden will help Ukraine as much as he’s helping Afghanistan.

            I would also be very glad if Biden isn’t the one talking.

            I remember his “private” discussion with Putin last year. Biden had a whole team, much to Putin’s surprise. Putin had a pencil and paper.


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      Outside of Eva Bartlett, I can think of none other that I can count on to give me an honest assesment of the ongoing catastrophe that is happening to Ukraine,  jbnw.

      Can you imagine if Scott Ritter and Eva Bartlett joined JPR? We’d get shut down permanently!

      At least through you we get something of “boots on the ground” reporting even though your boots are here.

      For those of us who have never been to Ukraine or Russia, I have never seen you spread anyone’s disinformation.

      I agree that at best, Biden and NATO will be saying “Ukraine who?” the same way they did with Afghanistan.

      Calling ourselves the “Leaders of the free world” is the highest of hypocrisy.

      When it comes to Biden, the man couldn’t be counted on to lead himself out of a burning building much less lead others to safety.

      That said, IMO at the very least the U.S. should be the ones leading in humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

      The world knows who broke Ukraine just like we did with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and even Vietnam. (Btw Vietnam appears to be doing just fine these days without our interference.)

      Putin bringing a pencil to a meeting between himself and Biden while Biden brought his team made me giggle. I suspect Putin is good at chess while Biden is good at….hmm…well he is good at covering up his son’s antics and sniffing hair!

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