US reacts to reported capture of American fighters in Ukraine

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      (RT) The US is monitoring media reports that have claimed that two American nationals have been captured in Ukraine while fighting for the Kiev side. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Wednesday that Washington will do everything possible to secure their release, if the reports are found to be true.

      The two Americans, identified as military veterans Alexander Drueke and Andy Huynh by the Daily Telegraph on Thursday, had reportedly been taken prisoner near the city of Kharkov last week. The British newspaper described them as apparently being the first American citizens captured while fighting for Ukraine, and the whole issue as diplomatically sensitive.

      Washington has neither confirmed nor denied the capture. John Kirby, the former Pentagon spokesman who now serves as US National Security Council coordinator for Strategic Communications, pledged to use Washington’s leverage to secure their release, if the reported capture is confirmed.

      “If it’s true, we’ll do everything we can to get them safely back home,” he said, during a press conference in the White House.

      Full story here

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      Now they know that absolutely nothing will be done on their behalf.   Just like those two Brits.

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      Biden 2022: Kiev is to be held to the last Ukrainian.

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      if you go fight in someone’s war.

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      This JAG article looks like it was written more than a year ago. When it written, it apparently was considering the potential status of Russian mercenaries.

      The United States does not view the mere act of being a mercenary as a crime under international law.57 Thus, mercenaries may be afforded Prisoner of War (POW) status, but only if they meet the requirements thereof—such as being considered a member of the militia or the armed forces of the nation. Depending on the circumstances, however, there may be doubt with respect to the status of these detained mercenaries. In cases of doubt, the United States would determine through a competent tribunal (commonly referred to as an “Article 5 tribunal”) whether the personnel are entitled to POW status or should instead be treated as unprivileged belligerents.58 Article 5 tribunals provide a forum during a conflict for a detained individual to address a panel of three commissioned officers and assert whether they are entitled to POW status.59

      More relevant legal criteria earlier in the article:

      Practice Notes

      Are Mercenaries the Future of Warfare?
      By Colonel Jeffrey S. Thurnher

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      have not communicated with the Donetsk People’s Republic or Russian authorities about their mercenaries – just Kyiv.

      It’ll be interesting to see who the US talks to.

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      can now be considered US mercenaries. After all, we’re now paying their salaries as part of our billions …

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      Does the USA still have the parole system it had during the Civil War? Does Russia have one?

      If they both did then I guess Russia could parole the soldiers. Afaik they already sort of informally do that with some captured Ukrainian soldiers, though probably mostly just the draftees and regional forces.

      With a formal parole they swear to not take up arms again against the government issuing the parole, during the current war, upon pain of execution if the parole is violated. That’s what I recall reading in a Civil War history anyway.

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        It’s the Donetsk People’s Republic, which Russia recognized as an independent nation at the end of February.

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      First thing they need to do is scratch the American from in front of the fighters. They aren’t American fighters. They are Nazi fighters. They didn’t listen to their leaders or they would have saved that last round for themselves.Now the pussy’s want mercy. We have enough scum like them here already. When I was in Viet Nam with the 101st Air Borne our leaders told us we would fight and if necessary die in place because we do not retreat. Fuck them! I don’t even consider them Americans.

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