US sending Russian weapons to Ukraine

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      Bar and Grill seems like the best place for this. You know the helicopters the US is giving Ukraine because they can’t use them in Afghanistan anymore? They’re Russian.

      Hmm – I wonder if Russia can block the export, just as Germany just blocked the export of weapons from Estonia to Ukraine ( ; thanks, @janboehmermann ! )

      Details from .

      The Biden administration is expediting the transfer of five transport helicopters to Kiev, as Washington insists Moscow is about to “invade” Ukraine any day now. The Mi-17 helicopters were originally purchased from Russia and intended for the US-backed government in Afghanistan, before it surrendered to the Taliban last August.

      White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed on Friday that Congress has been notified of the move, which will be conducted under the Excess Defense Articles program. The State Department said on Thursday this was the “fastest transfer ever” for the US government.

      The helicopters are already in Ukraine, which was servicing them on behalf of the Pentagon and was supposed to send them to Afghanistan until the Taliban takeover disrupted those plans. Ukraine’s Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov requested them from the Pentagon in late November, along with ammunition also earmarked for the defunct Afghan army, Foreign Policy reported last month.

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      the anti-tank weapons Britain is supplying Ukraine are also worthless vis a vis Russian armor capabilities….Also, Russia has enough stand-off weapons that are precise, it doesn’t really have to ‘invade’….

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      I’m not sure I would want the hand-me-downs of a loser army.

      Hitler 1944: Kiev is to be held to the last man.
      Biden 2022: Kiev is to be held to the last Ukrainian.

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