US 'Slowing Things Down' on Troop Withdrawal From Syria–RT

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      Well, surprise surprise—not.

      It’s a little too early to work up a full rant that still passes muster with  the hamster censors.  But damn–right now I have little faith the US will ever stop its military meddling. I suppose slowing the withdrawal is a better option than bringing in Blackwater, which is what I suspected would happen, and may still.

      Right now, I am more disgusted with the MSM and corpo Dems for hammering Trump on the withdrawal, than I am with the Orange Menace for back tracking the decision.  War mongers, each and every one.



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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      “He promised to destroy ISIS. He’s going to keep that promise. We’re not there yet,” said the senator.

      These people make their millions off of Es H-I-T.

      Isn’t it also nuts on how the software is making us write posts like this while it’s obvious it’s not in the best interest of MSM or Senator Graham to not be “there yet”? This will be changed, but it’s a slow process.

      BTW, I’ve asked the admins to give us an update on the said slow process in getting a functional version of JPR software.

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      …If Trump wasn’t shown the ‘alternate angles of the Kennedy assassination that no one has ever seen’ movie (to show him who really pulls the strings) on inauguration night, perhaps he was shown it hours after talking about pulling our military personnel out of Syria.

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman. Hey, on this site somebody’s gotta be a CT skeptic. 

        Never let your morals stop you from doing the right thing.--Isaac Asimov

        The United States is also a one-party state but, with typical American extravagance, they have two of them.--Julius Nyerere

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          I’m skeptical of CTs, some more so than others.  But I’m also skeptical of all official explanations.  It finally hit me there were not enough hours in the day, nor did I have enough energy, to research and dig to come to a firm conclusion of what truly happened, whether it was the JFK assassination,  9/11, OKC bombing, etc.  I don’t know with 100% certainty, and never will.

          This frees up all my skepticism for the ongoing narrative from  MSM, most politicians,  and all self proclaimed experts. 


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