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    US soldiers train for jungle warfare in Hawaii rainforest

    US soldiers train for jungle warfare in Hawaii rainforest
    Audrey Mcavoy, Associated Press Updated 6:33 pm, Thursday, March 16, 2017





    HONOLULU (AP) — The U.S. Army soldiers finished wading across a stream in a rainforest in Hawaii, and they were soaked. Their boots and socks were water-logged and their clothes, hair and ears were caked with mud.

    The soldiers were going through training at the first jungle school the Army has established in decades. The course is part of a program to train soldiers for exercises and potential combat on terrain that looks more like islands and nations in the Pacific than arid Afghanistan and the deserts of the Middle East.

    Brig. Gen. Stephen Michael, deputy commander of the 25th Infantry Division, said the Army set up the school as its footprint was shrinking in Iraq and Afghanistan after more than a decade of war in those countries.

    “The jungle school gives us that focus, it reinforces that we’re in the Pacific,” Michael said. “If you’re in the 25th, you understand you got to fight in the tough environment of the Pacific.”


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    1. A rainforest? On O'ahu?!

    Puh-leeze! That’s not even the wettest part of O’ahu! The Hilo side of Hawai’i (Big) Island, which gets over 100 inches of rain a year, maybe, but Schofield?! 

    Aloha! KamaAina in the hale (house).
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      2. I agree. The Army soldiers are probably just based at Schofield.

      Palm trees in a park in the officers section is not a rain forest.

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