US THAAD base warns locals they can be shot for trespassing

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      If you go to the link on the twitter post, you can see the pictures of the South Korean peace demonstrators from Sosong Ri, the local village where the THAAD battery was installed without consultation of local residents and without completion of the formal environmental impact procedures required by South Korean law. The deployment was rushed when the US and the ROK Ministry of Defense realized the former South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s removal from office was imminent. Further THAAD battery deployment was blocked by the democratic Moon administration but the battery that did deploy in Sosong Ri was a fait accompli.

      The pictures at the link don’t show the use of force by South Korean police against the demonstrators weekend before last. An estimated 1,500 police were mobilized against a relatively small crowd of protestors blocking delivery of construction supplies to the base. The crowd which I estimated at 200 or less included numerous women and elderly. I took a screenshot of the confrontations from the news that weekend.

      I believe the ill considered warning was probably issued by a ROK Army unit. The land, a former Lotte owned golf course was transferred to the US in April 2017 in a hurried process after Park’s impeachment resulted in conviction and before newly elected Moon Jae-in took office. The Park government had agreed to the installation in 2016.

      Here’s a contemporaneous report in English from April 2017 which described the intial deployment of the THAAD battery on the Seongju County golf course.

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      leftcoast mountains
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      World domination is costing us at home.

      vote for nobody

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      That THAAD base in the area virtually guarantees that the surrounding area will be VAPORIZED in the event of a nuclear war.

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      As long as foreign governments allow the US to disresrect their sovereignty and do as they please, the US government will continue to disrespect their sovereignty and do as they please.

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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