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      I think an April 6 story on the US involvement makes it Latest Breaking News rather than Foreign Affairs.

      At least three large military cargoes have been delivered by U.S. planes and ships to Ukraine over the past 10 days. According to the Odessa newspaper Dumskaya, the roughly 350 tons of cargo included 35 Humvee military vehicles.

      From an automated translation of the linked story at :

      At least three large military cargo shipments have been delivered to Ukraine by American planes and vessels over the past 10 days. So, on March 25, the ocean Glory cargo ship, which was chartered by the Pentagon’s cargo delivery unit (US Military Sealift Command), arrived in Odessa from Charleston, USA. According to the Odessa newspaper “Dumskaya”, about 350 tons of cargo were delivered to Ukraine, including 35 Humvee SUVs.

      Then, on April 2, a US air force C-17A Globemaster III military transport plane arrived in Kiev from the German Ramstein base. On April 4, another C-17A Globemaster III, but already on a flight from the United States, landed in Lviv. The C-17A Globemaster III can carry 102 military personnel and 77 tons of cargo.

      The transfer of us weapons coincided with the announcement of the upcoming Cossack Bulava exercise to repel a large-scale offensive in Ukraine.

      “The operational and strategic background of the exercises takes into account the possible nature of the development of the military-political situation around Ukraine. According to the scenario of the exercises, the headquarters and units of the multinational brigade are involved in repelling a large-scale offensive by the armed forces of a conditional aggressor country, ” the General staff of the armed forces of Ukraine reported on Facebook. They specified that they will work out actions in defense with a further transition to the offensive in order to restore the state border and territorial integrity of the state.

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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      Babel 17
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      What’s the plan, have their soldiers get slaughtered so as to embarrass Russia, and earn a diplomatic coup?

      If Russia deploys its tanks its “game over man”.

      God help us if we decide to provide air support, we would lose some jets to Russian surface to air missiles.

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      Putin is messing with Joe, and if they aren’t careful, we’ll end up with another half-ass war that takes years to get out of. There is nothing that Americans should die for there, and we shouldn’t be pissing away any tax dollars fighting a war that is a lose-lose proposition for us. Will we never learn?


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      Ohio Barbarian
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      That’s OK. I’m sure some stock portfolios went up, so all’s well in the Empire.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      You can jail a revolutionary, but you can't jail the revolution.--Fred Hampton

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      Somehow they have to get the western vassals under control

      again to justify NATO as well as the EU. The fact that Brussel

      blew it with the vaccine distribution so that some members asked

      for SputnikV is not to be permitted. NS2 has to be stopped and

      Macron’s criticism of NATO should be hushed up.

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