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      OUR VIEW:Beating Donald Trump in the 2020 election isn’t everything; it’s the only thing

      Like it or not, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and others aiming for the so-called center do not inspire the voters I saw. Those who attended will not vote for Trump in November, but they also will not be inspired to be active by candidates who reflect the Democratic Party’s past. Their health care costs, even with a union, are rising every year, and trade deals backed by Democrats and Republicans alike have gutted their workplaces.




      The voters I spoke to at these events are fighting for change. They want an economy that puts workers first. They want clean drinking water from the tap, not water polluted by factory farms. They want a green economy that expands employment and ends new investment in fracking and pipelines that harm their communities. They want union organizing and collective bargaining rights in the public and private sectors.



      Larry Cohen is chairman of Our Revolution and a former president of the Communications Workers of America.

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      And we have been voting for change since Obama ran but he did not deliver. This post is dead on.


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      Nonsense! The DNC will damned well TELL YOU what you want!  And you’d better listen, or else!


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      but the shadow of his pain was in his heart;
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      Possibly true, yet they will fall into the trap of the two

      party system again or won’t vote if Bernie does not get

      the nomination.

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      There are two things we want that might conflict with each other. Sure, we want Donald Trump gone, but that makes many voters accept the argument that we also want the Democrat who can beat Trump. Then there is a logical leap to the conclusion that we need a Democrat who will not scare voters with progressive ideas and demands for big changes. So the only change that counts apparently is changing the name on the office door. The party and the media keep flogging this message, and some voters believe it, while others reject it and vow to not vote is presented with another non-choice. Polls tell the party what voters want, but the party knows better, and tells us we want the warm, comfortable embrace of the same old same old. They didn’t figure it out last time, and they might not figure it out this time.

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      I found that poll rather confusing and wonder if it was deliberately so.  Why didn’t they just ask whether we agreed, instead of making our brains stutter over what they might have in mind as “the opposing view”?

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