Useful Idiots: Cuomo’s Kiss Compilation & Dystopian Media “Bullshit” w/ Walter Kirn

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      “America finally had enough media awareness after being taught in high school to look for bias that they suddenly were able to see, with new eyes, just how slanted and silly and contradictory and boring [corporate media is.]”

      Thus spoke Walter Kirn, writer for Time magazine and author of eight novels including Up in the Air (which was turned into a George Clooney movie), on this week’s Useful Idiots. And, like Matt and Katie, Kirn ditched the mainstream and made the move to Substack. where you can check him out.

      Years ago, Walter tells us, he would complain that every Time article ended the same way: “Some experts believe this while others believe that, but one thing is for sure, the issue is not settled and only time will tell.”

      But now he yearns for the days of yore when the media would take the burden off of itself and leave readers with vague cliches. But at least the readers were left with a chance to think for themselves……


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      for the most astute comparison analysis of legacy media’s purpose today.

      "There is nothing pragmatic about an incremental solution to a catastrophic problem." - Ron Placone

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