Vaccination data hints at new pandemic phase in which COVID-19 spreads primarily among Republicans

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      We’re at the cusp of a rather awkward problem, then. Previously, archconservatives and the nation’s Dear Leader followers were willing to express, openly, the idea that if the pandemic was mostly a danger to the elderly and those with underlying health problems, than America should open up, get on with the business of funneling cash into the pockets that deserve it, and accept that as price the less valuable among us will probably die. This was an abominable sentiment.

      Now the pandemic is evolving (not of its own will, but still) into one that may soon selectively target the most gullible, the most stubbornly racist, the most willing-to-harm-others, and those most willing to do away with democracy. We should still look to save these people, because we’re not monsters. But they sure as hell aren’t making it easy.

      The truth is that new pandemic outbreaks will not confine themselves according to ideological lines. There are other reasons why individual Americans might not be able to get vaccinated, and there is no vaccine that can provide complete pandemic protection. It can’t be done. Those that are allergic to vaccine components, the immunocompromised, the very young—all these groups will continue to be exposed to the virus through the actions of Dear Leader-boosting infectors. Even more consequential will be the same healthcare “deserts” that have long been responsible for worsened health in conservative-led states and regions, especially in the Deep South; not all Americans who want to be vaccinated can get vaccinated, and conservative leaders continue to take steps to prevent vaccinations in their states by insisting that no safety measures be put in place that distinguish between the vaccinated and those that refuse to be.

      There’s the reason why you should care, even if the plight of individual fascist Dear Leader boosters does not inspire sympathy. Fox News watchers, Trump supporters, and New Republicanism’s other deplorables are going to be the vectors by which the pandemic spreads through towns and communities even after most but not all other Americans have gained some pandemic immunity. Just as racist Republicans have insisted that refugees are disease-riddled contagions (they’re not; South and Central American countries have vaccination rates above those of the backward regimes of, say, Texas), it’s going to be Tucker Carlson viewers and Newsmax devotees who act as the primary means of disease spread.


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