Vaccine Mandates Are as American as Apple Pie

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      Even with an absence of germ theory, cowpox had bee used quite effectively against smallpox for quite awhile.

      If you support mandatory vaccination to fight Covid-19, you are in good company. The first vaccine mandate in American history came from none other than George Washington at the height of the American Revolution. America’s struggle for independence coincided with a major smallpox epidemic that raged through North America in the 1770s and 1780s, and it was an omnipresent threat to the ragtag Continental Army.

      “By January 1777 [Washington] ordered Dr. William Shippen to inoculate every soldier who never had the disease,’” historian Ron Chernow wrote in his 2010 biography of the first president. “‘Necessity not only authorizes but seems to require the measure,’ [Washington] wrote, ‘for should the disorder infect the army in the natural way and rage with its usual virulence, we should have more to dread from it than the sword of the enemy.’ This enlightened decision was as important as any military measure Washington adopted during the war.”


      These vaccination rates are, unfortunately, not evenly distributed throughout the country. States in New England are leading the pack: Vermont, for example, has given at least one dose to nearly 87 percent of adults in the state and fully vaccinated 77 percent of them, with Connecticut and Massachusetts close behind. (A recent CNN report on how Vermonters are enjoying their regional herd immunity shows how the vaccine is pretty successful at fully unleashing what Americans might call “freedom.”) In the southern and central portions of the country, things are far worse. Mississippi has yet to administer at least one dose to more than 50 percent of its adult population, and 10 other states also haven’t yet fully vaccinated a majority of their adults.

      Some of these shortfalls can be attributed to equity problems. But many more can be blamed on culture-war nonsense or sheer stubbornness. My personal patience with the “vaccine-hesitant” ran out when I read a ProPublica article last week about eldercare workers who refuse to get vaccinated. Covid-19 is particularly dangerous for elderly Americans, who make up the bulk of the American death toll from the virus so far. Their excuses were as unpersuasive as they were callous. “This is just a personal choice and I feel it should be a free choice,” one of the nurses told ProPublica. “I think it’s been forced on us way too much.” It has not, but it should be.

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      Jacobson vs. Massachusetts only allows the STATES to enforce vaccine mandates. Any vaccine mandate would end up looking like the mask mandate, as that same case was used as precedent to enforce the mask requirements. Of course, not every state did things the same way, and this will be no different. But that’s only the first brick wall…

      If that wall were somehow hulk smashed through, and every state implemented a vaccine mandate, there’s still the issue with exemptions, which are also determined by the states. Understand, these exemptions vary from state to state and be anything from legitimate medical concerns to one’s religious and philosophical convictions. Add those together, and the practical result is that anyone who does not want the vaccine will have an out in MOST states.

      None of this can be done without the vaccines having FDA approval either, which partially explains the feet dragging there. No one wants to really own this because of the political suicide component.

      The closest thing to a work around is through the private sector: require vaccine cards to do pretty much everything. This would be interesting to watch as an observer because it would show how many people are really sincere anti-vaxxers, and how many just get off on being contrarian to every fucking thing every fucking time.

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