Valerie Plame is Running For Congress

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    Snort McDork
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    Valerie Plame Is Running for Congress

    By Jada Yuan, The Washington Post

    02 December 19


    alerie Plame angled her face toward the sun. As someone who spent so much of her life in shadows, concealing her identity as an undercover operative for the CIA, she seemed to have gotten used to the golden light of New Mexico, energized by it, even. Energized enough — or perhaps foolish enough — to give up the privacy that was once so brutally ripped from her to run for Congress.

    This fall morning, sitting outside a turquoise-painted diner called Harry’s Roadhouse, where she knows the owners, Plame was taking notes and listening intently to an environmentalist with a fluffy white mustache talk for an hour about ranchers, the Mexican wolf and soil.

    “What’s not in that farm bill? Holy moly!” Plame said at one point, referring to the 2018 piece of federal legislation that, among other things, legalized the growth of industrialized hemp — which Plame somehow knows enough about to casually mention.

    On the patio at Harry’s, Plame was hard to miss with her blond hair, blue jeans and a pristine white short-sleeved shirt. She looks astoundingly good, at 56, as if the high-altitude desert air has preserved her skin since the day she arrived here 12 years ago. She’s joined artists, aging hippies and retirees in finding sanctuary in this charming town of oddballs. Attire at nearby tables included cowboy hats and Patagonia fleeces. Someone, somewhere, was surely wearing a bolo tie.

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    I think I first saw reports on this about a month ago, along with a picture of her on some desert road next to a slick sports car.


    Here’s the reference from the article:

    “Plame’s haul is largely attributable to her notoriety and that slick campaign ad (her first and only) that looked like the trailer to a blockbuster spy movie and went viral in September. In it, Plame drives a speeding Chevy Camaro backward on a dirt airstrip outside of Albuquerque, just like they taught her in CIA training, while her voice-over says, “We’re going backward on national security, health care and women’s rights.”

    Then she whips the car around 180 degrees, steps outside, and emerges from the dust cloud to say: “Mr. President, I’ve got a few scores to settle.”And she actually did that move with the car…cool! Here’s her first campaign ad.






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    Passionate Progressive
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    The article like the ad with her driving the hot rod doesn’t really speak to where she stands on the issues…..I can’t really get that excited about her – perhaps she’ll stand up for whistle blowers, perhaps not.   From what I can tell about her background, she’s the wife of a career diplomat who was appointed into a Republican administration…..

    Don’t really see her as an advocate for progressive causes.

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      Also she was an Undercover CIA Spy.

      What the Bush II Administration did to her in revenge of her husband’s report at the time was deporable. It was Dick Cheney at his best.

      Valerie Plame is running as a Democrat. Here is her platform:

      • Lowering healthcare and prescription drug costs
      • Protecting our clean air and water
      • Ensuring voting and equal rights for all
      • Combating gun violence and crime
      • Building a brighter future for all our children and grandchildren through better public education
      • Strengthening our economy
      • Reducing poverty and homelessness

      Link — Valerie Plame for Congress


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      Jim Lane
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      I don’t think her ex-husband’s politics have much relevance to her run.  FWIW, though, Joseph Wilson was indeed a career diplomat, serving, as all such people do, under both Democratic and Republican administrations.  To the extent you want to peg his career in partisan terms, its highlight was his famous op-ed that exposed George W. Bush as a con man who blatantly lied to trick the rubes into supporting his imperialist war in Iraq.

      If I assessed her candidacy just on that, it would be a big plus.  Given that they were divorced in 2017, and that Wilson is now deceased, however, it seems peripheral.

      Concerning her race, the political background: The district is Democratic-leaning (PVI of D+8).  It’s an open seat because the current Representative, Ben Ray Luján, is stepping down to run for the Senate seat being vacated by Tom Udall.  I don’t know who besides Plame might be in the race for the Democratic nomination in this district.

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    Snort McDork
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    Awesome ad. Would have been better if she didn’t smile and had a more serious look. I’d be really pissed off and looking to get even if someone outed me.

    Incredible that she is just up the freeway from me. And she has name recognition.

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      Jim Lane
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      I agree with you that, for the message “I’ve got a few scores to settle,” she’d do better by not smiling.

      But I think that’s a bad message.  The average voter won’t be impressed by sending someone to Washington to settle personal scores.  Her narration until then has identified various problems.  A better closing pitch would be along the lines of “We can do better and I’m someone who can deliver on that.”  For that message, the smile would work well.

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    She only regrets getting outed from the CIA, not what that loathsome agency has done. No thanks.

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