Venezuela: Huge election turnout for Maduro’s PSUV

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      “75% of the candidates running are new candidates. Everyone knows that they can participate in our democratic elections and lead the country. PSUV has thousands of people running in the country and often 20 for one seat; whereas, the opposition party only has one person running for each seat because they don’t have enough members,” says Marifred Rodriguez, a 28-year-old Portuguesa state deputy to the National Assembly.

      It is evident that Venezuelans support these democratic elections because after visiting three different polling sites, every single one was packed, with lines down the block.

      “People in the USA say we have a dictatorship, but the elections are open to everyone. Everyone can run and people know that. You can’t see more democracy or candidate participation in any other country. It is impossible to cheat here. The machine won’t even open a ballot without your fingerprint. People sign their names and also put an ink fingerprint next to their signature. Chavez changed the elections this way to be more secure. The Carter Center said our elections are the most secure in the world,” says Rafael Torrealba, PSUV primary winner for mayor of Páez Municipality, which includes 198 communities.

      Not only did Chavez and his PSUV party make the elections extremely secure and reliable, they also added gender equity by law. 50% of all candidates in the primaries must be women. “Gender equality is mandatory in our elections. If there are ten men candidates, there must be ten women candidates. Our process breaks the world paradigm. We value and uphold the rights of women,” says Torrealba. In this primary election, droves of women candidates and new candidates are running, but also young ones.

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      Our oligarchs want that oil,  so Venezuela is definitely a dictatorship!!

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