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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Why should they be like their older friends and relatives who racked up mountains of debt and will never be able to repay it all? Besides, in case you haven’t noticed, the economy’s real bad. I’m sure many of these young men went back home to help keep their parents in their homes, or doubled up with friends or relatives for the same purpose.

      The working, and what’s left of the middle, class has been priced out of higher education. This is what oligarchy looks like.

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      But part of the larger problem is this idea that everyone must want to go to college. Not everybody wants to go to college, even among the affluent. Look at Lori Loughlin’s girls, or Kristiviana Jenner (is that her name?), or Kim Kardashian.

      All of them are children of people who were highly educated professionals or highly self-disciplined athletes who reached the pinnacles of their professions. Yet NONE of these children has accomplished anything the hard way – they’ve taken the easy way to riches every single time, and gotten filthy rich.

      Anecdotes are tricky to use as evidence, and the lesson here seems too easy to draw, but that’s because we don’t like to criticize ourselves or the culture we have in America. But no, it’s not a pretty picture for Americans who want to find something noble in how our society is structured, and who gets rewarded materially.

      Nevertheless, children will learn from these examples and think, “why should I go to college, is it worth it?” And many will say no, I’ll just go out to Hollywood and become a star. And this is part of the explanation.

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        Look at the total cost now, including the cost of going to a medical school.

        Compare those costs to the 70s, 80s and 90s. For my early degrees, books cost more than tuition. Even my doctorate was at no cost – I managed to get an assistantship.

        With the decline in Federal funding, I don’t even know if those are available.

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          Some of it is self-taught, but pursuing a career in architecture in the Western world means you MUST go to university and get credentials. Ditto medicine or engineering, etc.

          Being a porn star, an exotic dancer, a pimp, a spy … how much university is needed for any of those jobs? Additionally, people who pursue those jobs are probably not the brightest bulbs to begin with.

          Just my random thoughts. Who knows.

          The opinions and personal views expressed herein are solely those of the author, and should never be taken seriously.

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            For many fields, a college degree is now a requirement to get a job, much like a high school degree used to be.

            A lot of education funds used to come from the Federal government, to states, to students, but much of those have gone away.

            I do not know what it will take to have a society in the United States that values education and an educated workforce again.

            I do know that have to leave college with a huge debt isn’t the way.

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      Passionate Progressive
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      philosophy totally ignores the nepotism/inherited wealth factors that have much greater influences on earned income and societal definition of success.

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      NV Wino
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      What we need are more trade schools and apprenticeships. But that would mean reestablishing and supporting the middle class. So, Ain’t gonna happen any time soon… if at all.

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      David the Gnome
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      That’s the gist of it, even for very intelligent people with curious minds.  How many thousands of dollars does one have to spend in any given year?  For most of us, we haven’t got ONE thousand we could manage.

      So it all goes into the massive pile of debt that’s collecting interest.  Like with other things, such as credit cards… The ‘higher education” institutions and their financial backers play the long game.

      Now people are saying screw it.  Good for them.  An institution with education as its stated goal should not be piling up debt in the trillions.

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      We woke up with no hot water this morning. Re-set the breaker, still nothing. First call was to our plumber. He set hit the Re-Set button inside the panel on the front of the hot water heater. Boom— hot water’s back! He’d installed this water heater 10 years ago and if it was dead I would have been on his waiting-list for new one (or he’d say “call -(name of another local plumber), he’ll get it done” -word of mouth network in this part of North Carolina) especially during covid his phone is ringing off the hook.

      Plumbing, HVAC, electrician, diesel mechanic, car mechanic, etc don’t need a college degree and are not out-sourceable. If I hadn’t been blessed enough that my parents could send me to college without debt (and I happened to move up through several low paying jobs that required a bachelors), the trades would have been the place to be. Essential, essential stuff.

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      ..where a degree originally wasn’t common,but now you almost have to have a degree to do it.

      I’m a poet,self taught,never got a MFA,but most published poets nowadays come out of academia and they wind up teaching.There was no need for that to happen.It just gave a bunch of English teachers who would otherwise be unemployed,something to do.Sort of a WPA project for eggheads.

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      Affordability. It’s not worth taking on a mountain of debt for careers that aren’t moving forward and an economy with questionable long-term stability.

      However, the next question is why are men giving up on college but not women? The sticker shock is certainly starting to scare men away, but not women yet.

      Over the past 25 years the number of kids going to college has exploded. From 1990 to 2010, the number of students in college doubled. Now, this isn’t a bad thing by itself to have lots of people going to college. Having an educated population is never bad. However, most people go to college for the wrong reasons, pick the wrong majors to study, and go into way too much debt. The increase in students caused tuition to soar. Kids are taking on enormous amounts of debt at young ages that will take decades to pay off and cripple their abilities to achieve the American dream. And now you also have what’s called “degree inflation.” In other words there are right now jobs that didn’t require a college degree in 1980 that now do, and those jobs don’t pay any extra for that degree. So you now have to take out a student loan to get a job that you didn’t need a degree for 30 years ago. Employers can demand this now because everyone is going to college now. First law of capitalism is supply and demand. If you increase supply, the value goes down. We have flooded the job market with associates and bachelor degrees. So now those degrees are the new High School Diploma. So now it feels like college is mandatory. An extension of high school many kids feel forced into. And if you can’t pay…just take out loans.

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