"Voters' choices of Trump and Brexit 'disrespected'"

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      “They don’t want to recognise [Mr Trump’s] victory. That’s disrespect of voters,” he said.

      “The same in Britain: Brexit happened, but no-one wants to implement it.”

      Russia’s leader also said British Prime Minister Theresa May has no choice but to follow through with Brexit, as failing to do so would undermine UK democracy.

      “She must enact the will of the people, expressed during the referendum,” he said. “Or otherwise it is not a referendum at all: doing it over and over again if someone did not like it [the result]. Is it a democracy?”


      Oh, I think progressives ‘recognize’ Trump’s victory. That ‘recognition’ does not mean we have to stand aside and let him implement his conservative agenda. That is not ‘disrespecting’ voters.

      The same applies to Theresa May and her Conservative Party as they try to push through her version of Brexit. Corbyn is fighting against May’s version of Brexit. Most progressives are.

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      Brexit, Trump’s election, and now even the Yellow Jacket protest in France are all being blamed on Russia. And that does disrespect the voters. I will give them that.

      Heck, some even suggested that Bernie’s campaign in 2016 was a Russian ploy to divide Democrats. Or that Jill Stein is a “Russian agent.”

      It’s insulting. Anyone who doesn’t follow the party’s establishment off the cliff is now a Russian spy.

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