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  • eridani (2947 posts)
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    Voters Have Ousted Notorious Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey


    Last night, Angela Corey—a two-term prosecutor in Duval County who may be the “cruelest prosecutor in America”—lost her election to Melissa Nelson, who worked as a prosecutor under Corey, went into private practice, and represented Cristian Fernandez, the 12-year-old whom Corey charged with first-degree murder as an adult.

    Corey’s resounding loss—Nelson beat her by 38 points—represents the first time a Jacksonville state attorney has lost a contested election in modern history. It comes on the heels of several public embarrassments, including allegations that she pressured her employees for election donations and used public money to give raises to herself and one of her “deadliest” prosecutors, Bernie de la Rionda. She gained national attention for losing her case against Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, and for prosecuting Marissa Alexander, a mother who fired a gun to scare off an abusive husband. And under Corey, Duval County sentenced more people to death per capita than any other county in the nation. Stephen Harper, a law professor at Florida International University, said in an e-mail: “It is refreshing to see that a prosecutor who is simply too far out on the limb of injustice was soundly defeated by a prosecutor who will seek the death penalty only in the worst of the worst cases.”

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  • Totally Liberal Dem (1512 posts)
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    1. I detest prosecutors.

    My law firm did a considerable amount of criminal defense work.  A “good” prosecutor…a rare find.  Most of them walked up to the defense atty on their first meeting on a case and said, “I have chosen up God for my side…who is on yours?”  Fuck them all.  Truly criminal INjustice!

    • ravensong (1871 posts)
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      3. The "State" side is full of ambitious criminals using the justice

      system to commit crimes for their own advancement.

      Together, together, my friends, we have begun a political revolution to transform America, and that revolution, our revolution, continues. ~ Bernie
  • GivingItToYouStraight (791 posts)
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    2. Thank you Florida voters!