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    Voting (& democracy) in the USA is a total scam

    Voter turnout in 41 democratic countries is far far better than the USA’s [1]. Our voter turnout for general elections is ~55% and for off-year elections is ~40% (1960-1995). See the link for good analysis for why there’s such variance between countries, reasons range from compulsory voter laws to a feeling that voting doesn’t matter.

    My belief — hardly unique ! — is that if we can take a number of actions to resolve this problem, then the chances of progressive victories are that much greater, beginning right away in 2018.

    For instance:

    1. Create “shadow registrars” in every state to monitor all changes in state voting rolls
    2. Require automatic “voter registration” as a consequence of other citizen contacts
    3. Educate the MSM about civic responsibilities and the virtues of mailed paper ballots
    4. Encourage & support open-source[2] public voting software
    5. Legally and permanently ban non-integral voting software [3]
    6. Legally prevent reporting any results in any state prior to the close of voting in all states

    Personally I’ve always supported compulsory voting, but its the entire system that needs to be reformed. A just election depends on who COUNTS the vote not just who gets to vote.

    My belief that we must unceasingly and deliberately use the tools of democracy — free speech, protests, petitions, lawsuits — to fix the terrible state of our democracy.

    [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voter_turnout

    [2] https://opensource.com/resources/organizations

    [3] Integral software uses integers to record/sum votes. Non-integral software uses decimals to record/sum votes; using decimals is the key (sine quibus non) technical loophole that permits the silent vote shifting between candidates which is clearly happening

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    1. In my opinion, this is THE most important post at JFP thus far.

    We need to get very practical and look at the fundamentals of our totally screwed up vote counting system by which we, the people, are being totally screwed over big time – and I mean BIG TIME.  I believe that there is not a single public official in this country who can prove that he or she was actually elected.  Some of them might have been.  They can’t prove it.  And, what is worse, the vast majority of the Democratic Party leaders don’t give a fuck that this is the case.  In fact, it was a Democratic Congress (’02) that gave us privatized, corporatized, ‘TRADE SECRET’ vote counting and its associated voter purging software.

    It’s up to us.  That’s it.  No one is going to help us.  We, the people, must insure an honest vote counting system – one in which everybody can SEE the votes counted (or inspect the software) and one in which every qualified person has a vote that is counted.

    You wonder why we have a Congress with an 8% approval rating?  This is why.  Most of them were not really elected.  You wonder why we, the people, were given a ‘choice’ between the two most dishonest, corrupt, distrusted and disliked candidates in our political history?  This is why.  You wonder why the government is so fucked up, no matter who is in charge?  This is why.

    And we CANNOT address the OTHER election issues – whether it’s the mountains of filthy money or jerrymandering or scheduling elections on a work day – until we have TRUE representatives of the people in public office.   And that happens in no other way except by an honest vote count.

    Thank you for this post!  I hope it travels far and wide!

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    2. Molly Ivins was correct in the 1980's & 80's.

    Publically financed elections that last from Sep to Nov.  It won’t happen b/c elected official are getting filthy rich from political fund raising thanks to Scalia and the Citizen’s United ruling.

    We don’t have a government.  We have a legalize bribery.

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    3. +100