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      Just looking at the options in my County, not feeling very happy.  Mail-in ballots are a bit complicated, with different envelopes and witnessing; and I have a low-vision person I’d like to help vote anyway, and they’re not requesting a main-in ballot; so I was looking at early voting and the kinds of protections that will be in place.

      And among other things, the info notes that although poll workers are required to mask and are encouraged to encourage distancing, voters and poll-watchers cannot be required to mask or to social distance; and you may even be asked to remove your own mask in order for poll workers to confirm your identity.

      I’m not going to let anything stop me from voting, but wanted to share this as a warning to prepare with your most protective masks, think about  how you’ll cope if someone gets too close to you, be ready to hold your breath if you have to remove your mask briefly in order to be identified, etc.  I’d also expect longer wait times.

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      bring those light aluminun lawn chairs or those stools in a bag; so much easier if you have to wait 4 hours to vote in Oceania

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