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    Warren to DeVos: "Swindlers and crooks are out there doing backflips…


    ….when they hear  an answer like this.”

    From today’s NY Times. Sheeeeez. I’m glad she’s on our side. ( Liz, that is.)

    >>>>>…….Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, asked Ms. DeVos whether she would enforce Obama-era education policies intended to prevent fraud at for-profit colleges — institutions like Trump University, which paid to settle federal class action lawsuits accusing it of using marketing tactics to enroll students.

    “I will review that rule and see that it is actually achieving what the intentions are,” Ms. DeVos said.

    Ms. Warren, in apparent disbelief, responded: “Swindlers and crooks are out there doing back flips when they hear an answer like this.”

    She added, “If confirmed, you will be the cop on the beat, and if you can’t commit to use the tools already available to you in the Department of Education, then I don’t see how you can be the secretary of education.” >>>>>>


    The rest:


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    1. education "reform" and funnelling student loan money to private

    shyster operations during high unemployment is why the recent report of newly discovered (cough) higher than previously known student loan default rates.

    bucket of crabs


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    2. The Carnival Barker DeVos hopes to join the orignal Trump Circus.

    She must have several Clown Suites at her home and office to go with the one she was wearing before the Congressional Committee.

    Liberty - The American Revolution
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    3. What will it take to remove the GOP from Texas government? Just trying

    to privatize education will do it, in my opinion.  Trump is truly a fool for nominating this privatizer profiteer.  And 34 states do not allow any public tax moneys to be transferred to private or charter schools.  Texas will surely vote on a Referendum in 2018 to put a stop to such transfers.  Texans may want to get rid of the Gulen private schools also.


    Wonder who is on the list of investors and profiteers?

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