WATCH: Yesterday, we spoke with @BernieSanders regarding his new $16.3 trillion climate change plan./The Weather Channel

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    #NoMiddleGround #I AM BERNIE

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    After scrolling down the Twitter thread I see there are still plenty of Climate Deniers. Sad.

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    The Climate Change Plan that costs roughly $800B / year over the next 20 years is roughly twice the cost of our attempts to colonize Iraq / Afghanistan to solve our energy crisis this past 20 years. What have we got to show for that $4T to $6T? World devastation, millions dead, a planet on the verge of destruction, and still we have an energy crisis. That investment was clearly unsustainable, with a zero return on such an investment, unless you’re into insurance for PTSD victims, or you are Dick Cheney.

    Iraq, Afghanistan Wars Will Cost U.S. 4-6 Trillion Dollars: Report

    $16T doesn’t sound so bad if we can save the planet, increase jobs, instill an awareness of our environment, and actually have hope and care about our future. I like the way that Bernie state’s ‘that’s right, $16T.’ We never saw such boldness from PNAC those architects of the Iraq and Afghan wars, who said. ‘It won’t cost us a thing. We’ll make money.’ Which was true only if you are Dick Cheney.

    Also note that the costs for Hurricane Katrina recovery was roughly $250B. We are expecting to see many more of these types of devastations over the coming years. If we assume average 1/yr, over 20 years, that’s $5T. A number that will only grow over time, if we do not enact a plan of action to mitigate climate change.


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