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      So Far From Heaven
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      This is just a heads up to all concerned about a few issues hitting us today. Well, one of them has been a thorn for a while now. And I’m absolutely positively concerned about it. I love JPR and all the members and I want the place to be a place you want to come to, and not be aggravated by glitches.

      First of all, the slow logs on the primary site disc (we got lots of different discs mounted on the server both as actual different discs and system discs that are soft discs or partitions) failed to self destruct on command and we got our primary disc too full so we had some internal issues which are now resolved. I went into the server and played god and now we have plenty of disc space though it’s still a tad too full. It’s nice being god even if it’s just for a moment. I love telling shit to go away.

      The second issue is that we are experiencing a dramatic increase in site access calls. This is one of two things, someone is hitting us one click after another via programmed hits just to give us a rash of shit otherwise known as a DDOS attack or someone is trying to hack the site via overload. Neither are going to work, so they should just pack up their garbage and go home.

      Lastly is this insane login/logout issue.

      The problem lies in security. We are unsure just where this ‘anomaly’ is originating. We being our good friend @deadpool. This is purely a security thing but we are unsure which plugin is driving the log outs many of you are experiencing. Here is one thing you could do to try and help us diagnose this issue:

      Complain if you want to, but don’t just complain. PLEASE give us your device type, operating system, browser type and if possible any other info such as if it happens while accessing certain forums and/or topics.

      One thing that is giving me grief about this is the fact that I don’t have it. I get logged out maybe once every three or four days on the site. My assumption is that I am using a cleaning protocol when I shut down programs and the computer and it makes this issue go away automatically. I have a Lenovo IdeaPad 17 inch laptop and run Windows 10 with about a couple hundred very strange programs on it. I clear memory on every exit. I use Google Chrome because it suits me to use it. I clear mem cache every exit of Chrome. I set it up to do that. I don’t have the logout issue.

      I gonna kill @deadpool if he no figure out what the hell is going on.

      That’s because I love the kid and this complaint is driving me crazy. This isn’t what I want our members to have issues with. Site crashing is something we can all have issues with. Constantly getting logged out isn’t. So he gonna die if he no fixie the problem.

      Of course, I KNOW what the guy is gonna tell me:

      First he gonna tell me to fuck off and die.

      Then he gonna tell me it’s a browser problem that only requires clearing the cache to cure.

      Then he gonna tell me to fix it myself even though I have zero clue what the hell he has running and why.

      Then he gonna tell me to get the hired guns on it even though we can’t afford that right now.

      Children these days……..

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Some of us are very computer illiterate. How does one clear out a cache?

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        So Far From Heaven
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        O-K, it depends on the browser. This is something that irritates the hell out of me, is the fact that we have dozens of browsers, and all of them have different controls and set up.

        If you are using Chrome, it’s relatively easy to clear your browsing data, which may be the only thing you need to do. On the next to top area at the very far left of it you will see three dots one over the other. That is your menu, that they call controls. click on them and a dropdown menu will appear.

        About three quarters of the way down is a line saying “More tools”. go to it and it brings up another side menu, one item of which is “Clear browsing data”.

        Click on that and go to town on your browsing data. You can choose what you want destroyed. I have clear browsing data at close set up, but I forget right now how to set that up. I’ll figure it out and get back to you on that. It’s somewhere in the settings tab of that drop down menu. I generally clear everything. Coookies, history, whatever. I don’t give a shit about any of that stuff anyway, and it makes things faster in the end if you get rid of it. However, clearing all the crap means that places that use cookies to ‘remember you’ won’t work anymore and you have to set those up as you peruse those sites again. It will NOT clear your saved usernames and passwords so those will work as usual.

        If you’re using Opera the same thing is set up because the browser is Chrome based, even though it’s way more private at a cost of being slightly slower.

        If you are using internet explorer or some apple mess, then you’re on your own.

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      Happens to me on several Mac systems , both desktop to portable, systems 10.12 top the latest. in different forums. Usually if I go look at other sites and then come back, the moment I click on the dot that lists responses to my posts to see these responses, it asks me to log in again. But it has also done it just after making a post, several times

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        So Far From Heaven
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        I know zip about apple products. However, @deadpool knows everything about them because he uses them.

        I never used anything mac or apple because they were very very very user unfriendly when it came to raw programming. Physics and apple don’t mix well.

        My call should bring him forth (not as in the programming language Forth) to help.

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      To everyone having the login/logoff issue, respond with what browser you use.

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      I’m having the “constantly being logged out” issue in Safari, both on my MacBook, and on the iPad.

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      Safari on MacBook Air.

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      a little weird
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      I’m not getting logged out as much this time as the time this happened before but still enough to be annoying.

      I haven’t noticed a particular pattern but the way I generally use the site is that I go to the Latest section and open stories I’m interested in into new tabs – sometimes I’ll have several posts open at the same time.  It’s usually not until I go down to hit the Thumbs up button that I realize I’ve been logged out (because it doesn’t record my like) – sometimes it even says I’m still logged in on the button at the top of the screen but when I hit refresh then my name goes away and it goes back to saying ‘login’.

      I use Chrome and am still a Windows 7 holdout.  I have Firefox and IE on my pc as well – I guess I could try switching it up to see how it works in the other browsers.

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      Opera  v 66.0.3515.31, Win 10 Home, up to date.  System is home built AMD Ryzen 5 1600X, 16 GB RAM, etc.

      I cleared cache.  So far so good, but will reply again if the problem persists.

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      Two way street
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      Two way street:  Internet Explorer.  (Old fashioned but opens everything.)

      Thanks for helping  and the hard work that both of you do to keep the site running.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Well, I didn’t log off overnight, and just posted this reply. If you did something it worked for me. Lenovo laptop, Windows 10, Google Crome and Microsoft Edge. @deadpool

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      You can jail a revolutionary, but you can't jail the revolution.--Fred Hampton

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      Maybe a bit late for this but yesterday…lesseee that’d be Friday the…oh hell, I don’t keep track of such things anymore…just roll with yesterday and maybe the day before that too.

      Device is my G3 “Smart Phone”*

      I could get logged out as often as every few minutes. One time I logged in and by the time I had scrolled down to General Discussion I was logged out already.

      Somehow, (strong meds, lotsa therapy) my phone survives.

      You guys do owe me for a pair of reading glasses, (dollar store, #3 strength-plastic frames).

      I hope this helps, thanks.

      (PS: My smart phone* has not acted up here for 3 hours now…this is a record this week!)


      *(“smart” phone…imo Sprint needs to better define the word “smart” before some bright boy sues the britches off of them for false advertising!).


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      It was doing it on 2 different computers. Win 7 Pro on both, SeaMonkey or Firefox the browser. 1 Computer is the one for secure work so everything in cache gets deleted on closing.

      Sometimes it did it if I was returning to JPR from a different website and sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes I was OK going to the home page, even on first visit on opening the browser. Sometimes I was logged in on the home page and when I went to GD, the login came up and other times it didn’t. I couldn’t detect a consistent pattern on when it would decide to need a login.

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      Snort McDork
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      When I first saw “slammed” I thought we were all getting Grand Slams from Denny’s.

      Pancakes and eggs scrambled, with coffee would be nice about now.

      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

      "I like Birdy Num-Nums"

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      FWIW: My log in/auto log out/log back in/auto log out again × ridiculousness issue had magically disappeared.

      My phone is logged in and has been doing a splendid job of remaining logged in for 4 days now!

      I suppose I could find something else to bellyache about but…upon reflection, I got nothing.

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      I run the Ubuntu OS and use Firefox only. As I said before, I keep getting logged out. I never close Firefox when I shut down so when I open Firefox all my tabs are restored including logged in sites like Facebook, Ebay, Youtube, Gmail, Imgur and others. This of course is much more convenient than having to reloggon to all the sites.

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      i’m logged out a lot much less now.   thanks for all the work.  i’ll toss in some scratch when i get my refund – thanks for the forum

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