We Are Releasing the Full Video of Richard Sackler’s Testimony About Purdue Pharma and the Opioid Crisis (Propublica)

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      A settlement is about to shield members of the Sackler family from civil litigation regarding their alleged roles in the opioid crisis. So it’s a good time to release the full video of Richard Sackler’s 2015 deposition.



      Despite years of litigation alleging some Sacklers pushed Purdue to aggressively and inappropriately market OxyContin, members of the family successfully avoided most attempts to force them to answer questions about their stewardship of Purdue or the multibillion-dollar fortune they amassed as OxyContin became a bestselling pain medicine. They have repeatedly denied acting inappropriately, and the settlement under consideration in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in White Plains, New York, does not require the Sacklers to admit wrongdoing. Family members would pay $4.5 billion over nine years to resolve civil lawsuits filed by states, cities, insurers and families impacted by the opioid crisis.

      LINK–Propublica, We Are Releasing the Full Video of Richard Sackler’s…


      This is serious. My feeling is the video will be taken down. At the moment, hopefully journalist are studying this testimony in the interest of the public.

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      They should pay the full price as any other felon would that involved drugs and deaths. Is there really a need for a pain med that is 100 times stronger than heroin?

      Let’s also not forget the terminology, Opiod vs opiate. Purdue MAKES Opiods(fentanyl?).

      I have taken opiates for pain all my life, never addicted. Now, thanks to these bastards, I can’t get it.

      Remember when you could buy paregoric over the counter?

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      Thanks for posting.

      The thing with this opioid crisis is they got doctors to be their pushers.

      It was touted as non-addictive. So doctors used it with even minor pain. They got their patients addicted, then washed their hands of their addicted patients. Blaming the patient for what the doctor did.

      So now they got a bunch of normally law abiding people all hooked on opioids with no place to get their fix because it was supposed to be non-addictive.

      No wonder these addicted people were buying anything they could get their hands on. Even rehab clinics wouldn’t take the patients because it was supposed to be non-addictive.

      So many ruined lives, so many dead addicts. The American healthcare system putting profits above people. No wonder no one trusts the vaccine with a record like this.

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