We can’t vax Covid away. Israel couldn’t.

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      Israel has a surge in cases of vaccinated people getting Covid-19. Many of these people are older and have other health problems, so it’s bad. The vaccines have helped, helped a lot, in fact, but they are not the silver bullet we wanted. In fact, the initial results of the vaccintion effort were too good, encouraging the government to open everything and drop restrictions. We seem to be experiencing something similar here in the United States. Many people are tired of restrictions and have entered the “Aww fuck it!” mode. We seem to lack the cohesiveness and sense of civic duty needed to get rid of Covid-19, so it will be around for a while. There is the possibility it will produce a virulent and unstoppble variant that will kill everybody, so I guess that would solve the problem. A few thousand humans in remote places would survive, so our species won’t be extinct.

      Highly Vaccinated Israel Is Seeing A Dramatic Surge In New Cases : Goats and Soda : NPR

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      Sounds like bill gates depopulation plan is coming to fruition.

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      Long article–Maybe what’s interesting is lockstep between countries. In distorting data and then the data showing that the vaxed are at great risk from the unvaxed. In another discussion I heard that Manitoba allows *zero* exceptions to their vax mandate. Nothing religious, you could be allergic to the vaccine, etc….funeral expenses paid by govt.? My patience is wearing thin with govts. that don’t provide funeral expenses for ex-citizens.


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      Since the vaccines from the beginning on only reduced

      the symptoms, it was never going to be a “cure” anyway.

      The point though is that the so called “break throughs”

      don’t suffer from the same severity of the virus attack as

      the unvaccinated, yet produce new and stronger antibodies

      than those induced by the vaccine. Whether vaccinated or

      not, everybody will get it sooner or later anyway. Remember

      that the Spanish flu lasted for 4-5 years. We are facing it now.

      This will not lead to a huge decline in the human population

      per se, but it will hurt the poorer countries, which have less

      access to the vaccines.

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      If most people are vaxxed, anyone who gets it is statistically very likely to be vaxxed.

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