We Don’t Have to Choose Between Warren and Sanders Yet

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      I suspect that most pf us have already.


      Surely that must be right. However much some on Team Sanders or Team Warren might be spoiling for a fight, their two principals have shown little inclination to turn on each other. Not while Trump is still in the White House. Or while Joe Biden—whose record on issues ranging from bankruptcy to busing to the invasion of Iraq to trade policy makes him a uniquely weak challenger to Trump, even without his unfortunate habit of tripping over his own tongue—remains the Democratic front-runner.

      Because the truth is that plenty of progressives like both candidates. Politics may indeed, as Nation contributor Jeffrey C. Isaac recently argued, be “all about choice.” Certainly the WFP has every right to make its preference clear—or at least the preference of a majority under a ranked-choice vote that also gave the party’s national leadership equal weight with members and supporters. And Sanders supporters have every right to highlight that mechanism (though their criticism would have more heft if they held groups that endorsed Sanders, like the Democratic Socialists of America and the electrical workers’ union, to the same standard).

      But do the rest of us really have to choose? Already? Working together, Sanders and Warren have been incredibly effective not just in making the case for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and all the other issues that are common ground for them but also in dramatically widening the entire left lane of American politics. Thanks to Sanders’s political courage and consistency and Warren’s skillful, steady push at the boundaries of political possibility, ideas once dismissed as radical now dominate the Democratic debates. Sure, Warren calls herself a “capitalist to my bones.” And after deluding ourselves over Barack Obama’s supposed secret radicalism, we’d better believe her. Her supporters wonder, “Is America ready to elect a socialist?” There’s only one way to find out.

      Nearly a year ago, The Nation argued for the importance of the “ideas primary,” which would offer “reformers, activists, and grassroots groups their best opportunity to have an impact on the political debate.” And so it has.

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      Either one is fine by me.   In the primary it’s pretty much a coin-toss.

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      I prefer Bernie, but I certainly would consider Warren as my Plan B.

      A fight between Warren and Bernie probably would help Biden. That’s not good.

      From what I’ve seen, many Warren supporters had supported Hillary in 2016. Gender is still playing a big role. Hillary supporters of 2016 now support Medicare for All and other progressive policies that they opposed 4 years ago.

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      I would vote for Warren in November 2020 without hesitation, IF she won a fair & honest primary. But I’m not going to pretend I’m not concerned with her meeting with the likes of Hillary & Pelosi. The only valid reason for a candidate to meet with anti-demoncrats like that is to listen to their advice, so they know the exact opposite of what to do.  Because the track records of the Jellyfish & Madame Weathervane are proven failures for anything other than corporatism.

      Truth be told, I’d rather have Liz stay in the Senate, and get the Majority Leader job, assuming the Democrats can get the Senate back in 2020. Because even with Bernie as President, nothing is going to get done in DC if you have a corporatist douchebag like Schumer controlling the Senate.  Which is the main reason I don’t like the idea of a Sanders/Warren ticket. The Senate’s already 90% useless now. Take both of them out of it, and that goes to 100.

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        This is what ultimately did it for me…  The cheating.  I would have never voted for Hillary in any universe or on any planet, but I could understand people who might IF there was no cheating.  The cheating just takes it to a whole other level for me.  I will never vote for Warren, but if there is the usual blatant, flagrant, arrogant in-your-face cheating, I will actively work to make sure she loses just like her friend did last time.

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          @ronronnie1 I agree with you about the cheating. That left a bad taste in many people’s mouth in 2016. I ended up voting for Stein. My home state is Oregon and I knew Clinton would take the state by double digits (and she did) so my voting for Stein wasn’t going to impact the outcome much.

          I’m waiting to see what happens and hoping it will come down to Warren and Sanders.

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      Ohio Barbarian

      I already done did choose between them. I think Warren’s too much of a political insider who will do nothing to transform the system, and the system’s killing the planet so ain’t nobody got time for her incrementalism, even if she would do what she says she’ll do, which I doubt. I don’t trust her.

      Here’s an anecdotal reason for the Anybody But Trumpers to vote for Bernie. There are four voters in my household. All four will vote for Bernie if he is the nominee and bring at least two other people each to the polls to vote for him in the general election in Ohio. So that’s 12 votes in Ohio against Trump and for Bernie. If Warren it the nominee, maybe two of us will vote for her in the general election and neither will even try to bring anyone else to the polls. The other two will either leave the presidential line blank or vote third party.

      Bernie 12, Warren 2. And nothing will change that. Do the math.

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      Prefer Green to Warren right now.  May change in the future, particularly if DNC does not cheat and the MSM lays off the over the top praise for her.

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      Already  “chose” – actually “decided”, actually never a question in my mind about who I will support, and since I am not a Democrat, I don’t see why I would be expected to choose another Democrat over or instead of Bernie.   In a way, the primaries mean nothing to me, if Bernie is not the winner/nominee.  I will vote Green.  So I am not a member of the “We” club.

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      I don’t like or trust Warren’s cosiness with HER, it’s Bernie or Tulsi for me … a big NO to Warren!

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