We hate to say we told you so, but this is what a failing campaign looks like folks! Our experts all agree:

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    leftcoast mountains
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    #NoMiddleGround #I AM BERNIE

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    LOL CNM… And it looks like the CNN logo too…. That is clever!!

    Who are these guys?

    "If we define an American fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States."
    - Henry A. Wallace

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      leftcoast mountains
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      Copied this from the twitter account. Just some guy. I think. His comments have been popping up here and there.

      CNM is the world’s most trusted news source. (parody) Personal account:

      #NoMiddleGround #I AM BERNIE

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    Crowds don’t win elections. A staff of whiz kids, analyzing mountains of data, that’s what wins elections. You get votes by holding fundraisers for big donors, not by campaigning in swing states. Cautious pragmatism is the way to run a campaign. We’re tired of candidates who want to fight for us. We want a president who will throw us little scraps, not the whole loaf.

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      And we need more fundraising dinners in The Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard!

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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      And besides – a whole loaf might hit you in the eye, and the medical bills would bankrupt you!

      I will not vote for a Vichy Dem. Period. As always, I decide who is a Vichy Dem.

      Bernie's ISSUES or Bust!

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      Electrolyte Orchestra
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      Incrementalism is the key. Evolving away for all your previous votes, stances and statements is important too. Most important, especially for those fundraisers, is having both a public position and a private position. They donate a lot more when they know any trace of a policy to help average Americans one may say during campaign speeches is really just blather that you are only saying so those rubes vote for you. Just don’t forget the white noise machine.

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    LOL, I love it!

    Bernie Sanders 2020

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    The NY Times will find a way to put a negative spin on this. The staff are scratchng their collective corrupt heads trying to figure out how to do it.

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      And they found one, the housing across the street from the park was holding a meeting at the same time and some of the folks felt that they weren’t given sufficient notice of the rally.  “How dare Bernie?”

      When the going gets tough, the tough help each other.

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    Snort McDork
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    I want my next candidate who is a billionaire from selling widgits made in China and sells them back to us at twice the price. That’s my ultimate candidate. All of us need to get behind them to beat Chump   

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      retired liberal
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      “The choice is clear. There is none.”
      That’s how I feel when the most popular candidate in the primary, somehow doesn’t make it on the general election ballot.

      We are an arrogant species, believing our fantasy based "facts" are better than the other person's fake facts.

      If you are wrong, it will be because you are not cynical enough.

      Both major political parties are special interest groups enabling each other for power and money, at the expense of the people they no longer properly serve…

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    A Simple Game
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    A few headlines I can imagine.

    Here’s a picture of Bernie jumping on the stage just before Mayor Pete gets to his rally.

    Can’t be over 200 people there.

    Here’s Bernie doing the warm up at a Rolling Stones Concert?

    Bernie campaign in serious trouble, here’s a picture of Bernie cutting in line at a queue lined up for welfare cheese.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Perfect! I can just see CNN not even getting the band right. It was AC/DC.

      We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

      With Bernie Sanders, we have the receipts. --Nina Turner

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        The 2,000 word article only mentions Bernie’s name one time, derogatorily of course. Like he was a dreaded disease. David Axlerod pretends he’s never heard of Bernie, the Mustang that is running laps around those ‘thoroughbred’ horses discussed in his quote.

        ‘With Trump looming, there is genuine concern that the horse many have bet on may be pulling up lame and the horse who has sprinted out front may not be able to win,” said David Axelrod, a former adviser to President Barack Obama.’

        “Go and tell Alexander that God the Supreme King is never the Author of insolent wrong, but is the Creator of light, of peace, of life, of water, of the body of man and of souls;...what Alexander offers and the gifts he promises are things to me utterly useless;..." Dandamis, a great sannyasi of Taxila.Excerpt From: Yogananda, Paramahansa. “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

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    Did you see the NYT article yesterday about how the Establishment Dems are all worried about 2020 and wondering if there’s anyone else who could run?



    I feel much better since I gave up hope.

    "If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace." – John Lennon

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      Betty Karlson
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      But but but… Warren was their preferred lesser evil. Weren’t we supposed to all fall in line behind Senator Turncoat? Surely that would stop Bernie’s momentum?


      / sarcasm

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        I think we were SUPPOSED to rally behind Kamala Harris. When it became clear she was going no-where, the go-to became either Warren – or better yet from the Vichy perspective – Biden. Neither would EVER get my vote.

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          Nor mine.Bernie or Bust.

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    I like these:




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