We have a de facto COVID-19 vaccine passport

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      I’m not sure why all the protests are going on these days against creating vaccine passports. The CDC vaccination card is now being used as exactly that — even though it’s not a verifiable document and if I recall correctly from last year, the CDC and other sources said that they had no plans for a vaccine passport.

      I had to show mine Wednesday to see a Portland Thorns soccer match – required as the first step to even be able to enter the stadium, or you had to show a negative PCR test.

      And I checked with Ukraine – it’s acceptable as proof of vaccination for a border crossing.

      I sent a photo of my vaccination card, with my hand-written name, to visitukraine.today to check, and received the response

      Yes, this type of certificate is acceptable

      So that little card, just handwritten and maybe stamped, officially created as a reminder for your second shot, is now acceptable nationally and internationally as a vaccine passport.

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      Nobody’s gonna take away your “FreeDumb” not to get vaccinated, MAGAtts…. but if you want to vote for your Orange Messiah in 2024…. well, the choice is yours…..

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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