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  • Lynetta (681 posts)
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    We have met the enemy and it is us — Jimmy Dore

    USA & Russia Secretly Working Together All Along!

    Published on Jan 11, 2017
    Upon recent developments, it looks as though The US and Russia are working together to mend relations.

    Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

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  • ThouArtThat (6114 posts)
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    1. More Proof That MSM Is Awash With Propaganda


    "In America Today, Power Corrupts and Money Corrupts Absolutely" - Anonymous  
  • GZeusH (2466 posts)
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    2. Who are we helping???

    Try this list, Jimmy:

    Raytheon, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, SAIC,….  see a pattern?

    Policy:  The mistaken notion that bossy people have that they can influence other people's behavior through majority rule.
  • Peace Patriot (3079 posts)
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    3. I love Jimmy Dore! He is so incredibly skilled at outing hypocrisy…

    …and I particularly love how he doesn’t do it quietly.  He is outraged by it, as we all should be.  I also love him for being a true blue “of, by and for the People” guy!

    In this instance, though, I think he should have considered that Military Times was also lying.  Also, if they are not lying, what does this tell us about what appears to be an internal war in our government and among our Overlords (our real rulers – CIA and its cabal of billionaires, banksters and war profiteers).  I’m reminded of when the U.S. military brass did not want to nuke Iran for the Bush junta, and the next thing we knew, Rumsfeld had been ousted.  I read that as a CIA/Military brass vs Neo-Con/Pentagon (Rumsfeld) internal war.  (Visible event was the Bush junta’s outing of CIA project head Valerie Plame and their entire WMD counter-proliferation team (agents and assets) worldwide.)

    Now we have what seems to be Trump/Exxon Mobil/Military brass vs CIA/Obama-Hillary/Neo-Cons.  We have the CIA yelling, with no reasonable basis, that Putin put Trump in the White House, on the one hand – which means that they are partisans of Obama/Clinton (who demanded removal of Assad – an elected president, by the way, in an election system that is at least as good as our own – better, maybe, since most Syrians support Assad; and pushed for a provocative “no-fly”zone over Syria), and, on the other hand, the Pentagon pursuing what seems to be their own world strategy, which is to ally with Russia and help them lop off parts of the many-headed hydra, Al Qaeda (a creation of the CIA), and (I’m guessing, re Exxon Mobil) already in negotiations with Russia over that pipeline through Syria.

    I don’t think it’s just a matter of lying fuckwad politicians maneuvering around the Trump presidency.  I think it is a very serious internal war. The CIA’s overt interference in an election is unprecedented. It’s as if they are trying recoup a big loss, and I can only think that they themselves were trying to rig our very riggable vote counting system for the Neo-Cons and their new pal, Hillary, and they got skunked.   My spec: Either Hillary’s Overlord sponsors, or some of them, dumped her at the last minute and failed to rig it for her, or rigged it for Trump instead, or let him win (perhaps spooked by the FBI investigations of the Clinton Foundation, which were rumbling beneath the surface the week before the GE – dumped her to get those investigations stopped), or, rigging teams on Trump’s side outrigged them.  The CIA is on the point of apoplexy, with what they are doing – it is jaw-dropping.

    It’s really the height of human idiocy to be threatening a nuclear power – to be closing in around its borders, to put a Nazi regime ON its borders, as the CIA/Obama-Clinton/Neo-Con factions has done – and to ignore the Russian peoples’ historical fear of invasion, the solid basis of that fear (invasions by Napoleon and Hitler, costing multi-millions of Russian lives), and the Russians’ arguments for legitimate interest in Crimea and Ukraine.  (The Ukrainians’, for instance, who are mostly native Russian speakers and ethnic Russians, voted FOR alliance with Russia rather than NATO.)

    I haven’t fully figured out who is on who’s side in this internal war, but I am 100% certain that there IS a war going on – not just hypocrisy and Meryl Streep-ish grandstanding (when’s she gonna announce?) (She can be the “female Ronald Reagan”!), and not just the usual agency jostling and unease with a new administration.


    • MrMickeysMom (1890 posts)
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      4. Peace Patriot… Your analysis reads like the script for…


      Now we have what seems to be Trump/Exxon Mobil/Military brass vs CIA/Obama-Hillary/Neo-Cons…

      I love Jimmy Dore as well. I can hardly keep up with the narrative. This one blew my little sockies off. So, these (military, of all) sources report this featuring a new mixture of strange munitions fellows. Fuck me… It’s getting so you believe the military’s reporting over what expired long ago  as the fourth estate. Unbelievable…

      Hell no...I'm not giving up...     cat-gif-238.gif giphy.gif